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Root Explorer Lets You Reach Deep into Android’s File System

Root Explorer is regarded as the most powerful app for viewing and editing system files on your Android device. Available at the cost of just $4, it gives valuable returns to the users. It’s been downloaded more than half a million times and boasts of a 4.7 star rating on the Play Store.

Why It Is Used

As stock Android doesn’t feature a built-in file explorer (though some other versions of Android do), people are compelled to count on one of the major third party file explorers on the Play Store. On security front, restricting access to internet storage is a big thing. In case of non-accessibility to system files, no damage can be caused to the phone.

The most preferred way to deal with this situation is to use the ADB tool that can be used by connecting your phone to your laptop or desktop.

When you decide to root your device, you need a special tool to access the entire file system. This is where Root Explores comes to the job.

When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to grant root privileges. Next you’ll be thrown right into the root of the file system. It’s mounted as read only by default, to avert any likelihood of you causing any damage.

Things That Can Be Done Using Root Explorer

Root Explorer is not only meant for root activities — it can be employed as a regular file manager too. One can create new folders, look for files, cut and transfer them from one location to another, and many others. The app is found to be fully compatible with cloud services; therefore you can transfer files and archives to and from your phone in an easier way.

It also features other functionalities such as:

  • Tabbed interface. Open folders in their own tabs so you can jump between them quickly.
  • Built-in text editor. Open and edit files such as build.prop without the need of additional software.
  • Make and extract ZIP and TAR/GZIP files. Get backups of files and folders, or extract compressed files.
  • Extract RAR archives. Use RAR files without needing any extra software.
  • APK Binary XML viewer. Check the manifest for any APK on your phone.
  • Open With function. Supersede defaults by choosing which app to open a file with.
  • Permissions control. Define read/write permissions when copying or editing system files.
  • MD5 Hash check. Check the integrity of sideloaded apps to ensure they haven’t been tampered with.

Specific Root Explorer Mods

There are many other tasks that can be performed with much ease using the Root Explorer such as:

  1. Backup and share APKs
  2. Edit system files, including build.prop
  3. Delete bloatware or install new system apps
  4. Change the boot animation

Free Alternatives to Root Explorer

  • ES File Explorer
  • Root Browser
  • Amaze File Manager

Are you already using Root Explorer? Do you like another root file manager? If yes, share your experiences with us in the comments section below.


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