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Root LG Optimus G Pro F240 – Step by Step tutorial

Root LG Optimus G Pro F240

LG Optimus G Pro F240 is now on the market, and it’s time to learn how to root the LG Optimus G Pro F240 device. As you know the root access offers the possibility to optimize and customizing your Android based smartphone, and after you gain the access on the device’s internal system files then you can do what you want and to install which application you wish. So by performing the root operation for your LG device, you’ll power up the performance and the level of the customizing for the same.

In this article, we will learn you with a step by step guide to root the LG Optimus G Pro device which is a powerful Android Jelly Bean device that is in the same line with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device. To use your LG device at the maximum potential is necessary to perform some complex operations as to get ROOT access on your device, to install a custom recovery image and after that you’ll be able to install which custom ROM are available for this device.

In conclusion, after you gain the root access you’ll be available to install complex apps that require the root access to be installed or to running, to update your device with the available custom ROM firmware, to remove the integrated applications, remove the factory restrictions, change and customize the default settings, make the backup and restore operations, perform maintenance for your device or to do optimizations.

If you want to root your device applying this tutorial, before beginning first you have to follow some prerequisites required to be followed first and we will share for you in the next section the guidelines that help you to prepare your smart-phone for the rooting procedure:

When you root your device the warranty for your device will get void, the rooting process will make changes at the internal system of your G Pro device. Make sure you clearly understand the risk, if something goes wrong you’ll be yourselves responsible for damage or if you lose any data applying this guide. If you want to restore the warranty, you’ll have to do a downgrade to the stock or to install an official Android operating system released for LG Optimus G Pro F240 device.

After you’ve been rooted the device, then you won’t be available to receive any OTA updates of the new Android OS firmware, and if you want to update the new updates or software, the installation can be make manually.

Backup all your data stored in your LG device’s internal memory, the backup app should be made each time when you want to do a complex operation for your device like the root operation. Newer know what can happen and if you have a backup for your data you’ll be able to restore the same. To restore the data, after you completing a full backup for your data, you can use applications from the Google Play Store that you know are safe for backup and restore data.

Now after you’ve completed the backup your device is available to be rooted.

For completing this root method, you’ll need a computer, the G Pro device, and a USB cord near to you.

Deactivate or uninstall the security tools (Antivirus, Firewall) that running on devices, the PC and the Android device, in otherwise these programs can interfere with the rooting process and can interrupt the same.

Enable the USB debugging option from the following path: “Settings -> Development” and there verify if the debugging option is checked.

Now go to “Settings -> Security” and from there enable the “Unknown sources” option.

To be sure your device won’t get a forced power off in the middle of the rooting process, verify if in its battery has enough power left. The level of power into device’s battery need to be more than 60 % power left.

Apply these instructions and this guide only for the LG Optimus G Pro model number F240, do not apply this guide for any other similar device because you risk bricking them.

All these instructions, advice, information presented on this article are only for educational and instructional purpose, we the team cannot be blame or held liable for any damage, bricking device or if you lose any data if you apply this guide. It is only your own decision.

How to Root LG Optimus G Pro F240 – step by step guide:

  1. Download the rooting pack from here and save it in your PC.
  2. After the download is complete, extract the downloaded file archive in your Desktop folder on PC.
  3. Now, connect your LG Optimus G Pro F240 to the PC using the USB cable (Choose the software mode).
  4. Install the LG Optimus G Pro F240 drivers in the PC.
  5. Open the folder where you’ve extracted the downloaded file and from there run the Root.bat executable file.
  6. Now, just follow the instructions that are listed on the screen.
  7. You Optimus G Pro device will be rooted now.
  8. When the rooting process is done, reboot your smartphone and disconnect it to the PC.
  9. To verify if your device has been rooted or not you can do that by downloading from Google Play Store the SuperSU app.

Congratulation, your LG Optimus G Pro should be rooted now, and you can begin to test it or to perform other complex operations that until now were not possible. Actions like installation of custom ROM, custom recovery image such as CWM/TWRP.

If you have need more help, please don’t hesitate to ask on our comment section from below.


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