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Samsung Introduces Knox Security System for Android Devices

Samsung Knox

If you’re carrying two smartphones in this moment one for work and one for play, maybe it’s time to reconsider this, because Samsung came with a new security system for enterprise devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. World leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, Samsung unveiled at MWC 2013 Samsung Knox (after the highly secure Army outpost Fort Knox ) – a solution that separates the business mobile use for personal purposes, while focusing on high quality protection of mobile phones. Integrated in the Samsung For Enterprise (SAFE), Knox represents an ongoing effort initiated by the producer to promote the availability of its devices in companies.
For work Samsung Knox is Samsung’s commitment to satisfy the stringent security requirements for the use of mobile devices on enterprises, Government, public and regulated industries, whilst for play it offers the concept of “Dual Persona” –one for work and one for play- which means that you can switch from one area to the other by a simple click. In this way you can keep personal and work data separately, the hidden security applying to both areas, but the difference is that IT managers will be able to control and manage only the work space. So, your stuff remains really private all the time. Note that copy and paste data are not allowed between the environments. It is a solution that comforts both IT managers and users.
The increased safety and utility provided by this application, will give IT departments the possibility to implement and manage strategies like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – that allow employees to use personal cell phones for business. This separation is supported by Security Enhanced Android and TrustZone-based Integrity Monitoring, offering protection to information and business applications against malware, virus attacks and data leakage. Samsung Knox include also an application container similar to Blackberry’s Balance. According to Samsung official press release, users will get instant access to Knox container via an icon and benefit of a multitude of secured enterprise applications including browser, email, browser, contacts, calendars, collaboration, file sharing, CRM as well as business intelligence applications. Without any change in the source code, the existing applications in the Android Eco-System have an enhanced security level. The best part of it is that will be available on a range of Samsung Galaxy devices as a pre-installed feature starting with the second quarter of 2013.


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