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How To Speed Up Your 3G Connection

Can you imagine a life without a smartphone, good backup of smooth network and data.It becomes too frustrating to work on a slow data connection. Whether you wish to browse internet or chat with your friend, a slow internet connection means interrupted sessions that no one wants. But do you know there is a way to speed up your 3G connection.

Yes, it is absolutely true! You can choose to improve your internet experience just by following simple steps given below. Let’s start with them one by one.

  • Download The Appropriate Web Browser

Among various options, Google Chrome is found to be really effective in case of Android. It can easily integrate with various devices and ensure a seamless internet browsing experience. Moreover, it keeps a track of all your passwords and bookmarks. However, the web browser eats up a lot of space. Therefore, it is better to get the one that comes with memory saving capabilities, such as Opera Max. Backed by a third-party VPN service, you will be able to save data on social media browsing, video and audio playback, and other things. In addition, it also screens your apps, to check which app is eating the most data and manages your data consumption accordingly. There is also a lighter version called Opera Mini.

  • Disable Images In Browser

If you want to enjoy better internet browsing experience, another step you can take is to disable the images in browser. As images take more data and time to load, disabling them would result into better internet speed. Go to Settings menu of your browser and change it to text-only mode. This tends to increase network speeds to some extent.

  • Clear cache

Cache is one of the most commonly found issues that affect your device’s performance. This problem is pretty much common in smartphones that run an older version of Android. Carrying an overloaded cache can slow down everything about your phone, including internet browsing experience. Therefore, in a bid to get better internet connectivity, it is recommended to clear the cache. Jump to your phone’s Settings > Applications and choose the app whose cache you want to clear. You can also install an app cache cleaner, which will clear the cache of all the apps in one go.

  • Uninstall memory eating apps

A smartphone is more about apps that make its usage truly worthwhile. However, there are some apps that consume a lot of space as they run in background resulting into sluggish device performance. Some widgets are also found to be big culpritsis regard to memory consumption. So, in order to have a better and speedy internet experience, it is better to get rid of those widgets and uninstall the apps that you don’t use regularly.


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