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Super Mario Run Speeds Toward Massive Update, Price Cut

It’s been just one year when Nintendo spread the news that it would be back with the much-loved Mario franchise to smartphones. The thing is that it is no mood to allow Super Mario Run’s first birth anniversary pass by without a bash. On upcoming Friday, a new version of Super Mario Run will be available to all users for free, and Nintendo claims that it will be the game’s “biggest update ever.”

The claim can easily be understood from the fact that Nintendo is showing no patience in hiding it. In a recent tweet from Nintendo UK, the company pestered “a new world, new mode, new playable character, and more” in the free update. In addition, the new iOS 11 App Store features a sneak peek of the new version, though, rest assured Android users, and Nintendo isn’t restricting the update to iPhones only this time.

The biggest addition to the native Super Mario Run would be a revised mode known as Remix 10. Termed as “frenetic” in the App Store report, users can choose to play a series of 10 “bite-sized sections” from current levels in quick succession while hoarding randomly dispersed bonus medals. Particularly, Remix 10 won’t have a “game over” screen, so kids and newbies would be able to enjoy it without facing too much obstruction.

Once you set the princess free in Remix 10, she can be a part of the game as a playable character. Her special skill is double jump, which will help die-hard players get to coins that were very difficult to access earlier.

There’s also a new ambience in the new Super Mario Run. Those who have complete Worlds 1-6 will unravel World Star world, that boasts of nine new levels filled with “new enemies, cool gameplay mechanics, and… pink, purple and black coin-collecting challenges.” Nintendo also informed that there will be many surprises for Super Mario Run players of all skill levels.

Eventually, one would be able to pick his own music during the game play. When you choosepersonalized music, your character will feature headphones while playing—because we all understand they need to hear the official soundtrack to get encouraged.

Another big thing is that Super Mario Run will face a price cut of $5 when it will be launched on Friday. So, this is one more reason to buy the latest version of the game.

Why this is fantastic?

Updates are always found to enhance the value of any game or app for the users. In this case, this is going to be a bit special. It is really good to see that Nintendo is paying close attention to a game that is just one year old.

Nintendo faces some criticism when customers realized that Super Mario run was a freemium title, but the brand continue adding more features to keep the engagement level high. The company is staying on its promise to bring two to three new mobile titles each year.


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