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The Galaxy S7 Is Amazing, But Should You Upgrade From GS5?

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S5 Smartphone

S5 Vs S7: Battle for glory

Features of S5 lacked certain vital ones and in spite of the improved screen display, durable body and enhanced camera; users did not show any sensational reaction towards the relaunch. Furthermore S5 admirers could not take up the forfeiture of detachable battery, water resistance nature and SD card in the S6 device. Hence because of this precisely Galaxy S7 had to ultimately get backthese preferred features. Galaxy S7 is loaded with all the features of S6 except from those high-class and unique features of S5.

It is needless to say that Galaxy S7 is much more classy and enhanced or rather way better than Galaxy S5. The metal and glass combination charms every user.

Though, it’s vulnerable to grazes over a time period, Galaxy S5, on the contrary, is more robust and long lasting. One of the positive thing for GS5 users is that Samsung has preserved its compressed feature in GS7 also. The fundamental points of differences between the two and the primary reasons why an individual should shift from Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S7 are discussed in detail. Have a look.

Software and Performances

Galaxy S7 has a cutting edge software.

The Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is much pleasanter than the Android 4.4 KitKat. The graphically enhanced Android 6.0 Marshmallow offers a more attractive feature. However, GS5 holds decently well in regular performances. Everything moves well, although, with a slower speed than GS7.

Hardware Functions

There are a couple ofvital updates in Galaxy S7 than Galaxy S5. It has shifted to Snapdragon 820 (or Samsung’s Exynos 8 Octa) from Snapdragon 80. However there is a vast transfer from memory of 4 GB from 2GB of RAM.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S7 beats Galaxy S5 quite steeply. The larger batter life of 3000 mAh equated to 2800 mAh of GS5 proves the notion. So Galaxy S7 can be used for the entire day with one complete charge. Moreover, Galaxy S7 has aninnovative and adaptive rapid charging resulting to much upgraded battery life.

Camera Quality

GS5 was decent for clicking daytime images, but GS7 is extra ordinarily good at capturing low light and nocturnalsnaps. It comprises ofimpressive optical image maintenance attribute.

In a nutshell; Galaxy S5 is feature loaded and quite impressive but when compared to the state of the art Galaxy S7; the later ranks much higher in user acceptability and popularity.


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