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Towelroot APK a root solution from Geohot for Verizon And AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy Note 3 And More Devices


Few years ago Geohot released an unlock solution for iPhone, and a number of jailbreak solutions after that. Same Geohot recently released towelroot a root solution for Android. It seems that this is the first root solution for Android developed by him, being compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy Note 3 and Google Nexus 5.
From the launch of evasi0n7, Geohot was prepared theoretically to release its own jailbreak solution for iOS7, but offered instead to sell exploits for several hundred thousand dollars.

We do not know whether he succeeded or not, but in March, won $ 150,000 for the discovery of dedicated Chrome OS exploits.
Towelroot allows to exploit a flaw in the Linux kernel discovered by Pinkie Pie and known as CVE-2014-3153.
Towelroot has been developed based on devices from AT&T operator, but it seems that it is compatible with the Verizon aswell and also with any other international version.
The procedure on Samsung devices will trip the Knox security system and will certainly void your device’s warranty, leaving it with status KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0x0 and it is not given any guarantee that it is valid for all users.

If you want to try the new Geohot tools you can find it on his XDA official thread although we advise you to proceed cautiously, since the compatibility with the European devices is not insured, although some reports seem to confirm the success.

The developer claims that with a simple one-click APK root will certainly work on the AT&T and Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5, the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, and the Google Nexus 5. You just need to install the downloadable app then tap “make it ra1n,” and wait.
According to Geohot any device with a kernel built before June 3rd, running Android 4.4.2 or under should be rooted by Towelroot.


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