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How To Use Magisk To Play Pokémon Go On Rooted Devices

After the latest update, Pokémon Go is no longer favorable to rooted Android devices. However, there is a way to overcome this problem.

Before I begin, let’s have a look at the latest domain news. Recently, Niantic Labs started launching a latest update to the world popular Pokémon Go for Android OS. The biggest addition is Buddy, a Pokémon sidekick that will accompany you in your travels, and the update also encompasses a collection of smaller changes. However, the not so bad thing is that the update makes Pokémon Go incompatible with rooted Android devices, which could wipe out a huge number of users from this popular game.

According to Niantic, the reason behind disabling the rooted gameplay is to throw out swindlers that muddle with their phones’ settings to take an advantage over other players. Pointless to say, the reason didn’t go down well with the millions of honest rooted users that found them avoided without any solid reason.

Let’s see how you can overcome this issue and enjoy Pokémon Go on a rooted Android device.

The best possible way to fix this problem is to use Magisk. It is typically a mod developed by XDA-Developers user topjohnwu. The primary job of this job is to make it possible to fleece any modifications to the operating system from apps that call for unchanged systems. Magisk (standing for “Magic Mask”) has been earlier used for running Android Pay on rooted phones, and today Android users can again use to enjoy Pokémon Go.

You can refer to below video for step-by-step instruction.

For detailed instructions, you can refer to the given Reddit thread. One useful thing to go through is the XDA-Developers thread. There is one issue that process is not very easy, as you may need to flash Magisk and associated files. However, after finishing the installation of mod, hiding your root status from Pokémon Go is as easy as tossing a toggle.

A large number of Android users told that Magisk permits them to play Pokémon Go on rooted phones, but the real question is, will Niantic try to bridge this gap in near future?

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