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Want To Learn Spanish? Check Out These Popular Android Apps

You want to learn Spanish and looking for some handy tool to practice on the go. There are several ways to go forward, learning, however, a new language on your Android smartphone would definitely be a wonderful experience. There are a large number of Android apps available that could make your learning process smoother. Let’s take a look at the popular apps that you can choose from to learn Spanish.

ATi Studios

They are typically a developer in Google Play Store and specialize in creating language learning apps. They have a dedicated app to help you learn Spanish. You could choose to learn from creating simple sentences and conversation to advanced language. It’s more like a trial-by-fire learning model that gets accompanied by audio sessions that you can listen to while reading. The app boasts of awesome stuff such as helpful phrases, verb conjugations, and other general things. So, it’s the easiest way possible to learn Spanish.


It’s a language learning app featuring a wide range of languages. When it comes to learning Spanish, the app relies on varieties of techniques such as conversational learning, grammar practice, pronunciation lessons, vocabulary, and other practices. It also supports offline mode so you can keep learning Spanish with no internet connection. For a better experience, you can go for paid version otherwise, the free version is just fine for beginners.

Dictionary Linguee


Dictionary Linguee is actually a dictionary app that boasts a range of features. This is more like a dictionary that supports various languages and encompasses translation between languages. It comes with offline mode as well. The app is quite popular for folks looking to learn new languages as it provides them a quick, bi-directional dictionary to find out some basic words that may not be included in the lessons.


It’s perhaps one of the most popular language learning apps for Android devices. First, it supports almost a dozen of languages and that too without any cost. The most distinctive part of this app is it allows people to play games. The app features some engaging matching games and sound bites that people need to decode. Language learning goes super easy with this app that is developed in such a way to deliver an unparalleled language-learning experience to people.

Google Translate

This is one of the most widely used language tools by people of all ages from school going kids to professionals. Using the app, you can choose to translate words and phrases into the language you want for free. In addition, it comes with a live translator that you can use by speaking to your phone. You can use its camera mode that helps you translate stuff like signs or a piece of paper.


This is another popular app that can be used by you to learn Spanish. There is a wide range of teaching methods to choose from. The most central part of this app is its capability to render it as a game. You can act as a spy and you need to convince people from a different country that you ‘re super cool.


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