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Why Android Is The King, This Is The Secret Reason That Only Google Knows

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Why Android Smartphones Are So Popular?

The number of Android users is more than all of the users of iOS and Windows phones. Have you ever given a thought why the Android platform is so much popular?

By 2008, the scenario was bit different. It was when Android technology has started spreading its wings. However, iOSwas very much powerful that time. Windows, Symbian and Blackberry phones were being phased out from the market by iOS. It was an era when Google came with Dream/G1 in partnership with HTC. It made a lot of cash because of this. And, this changed the game forever.

It’s to be noted that Android is free. Google keeps developing it and liberally gives away the source code to smartphone manufacturers to make any application on it. They can modify and develop any service based on the Android platform—and it did not cost any money.

After HTC, companies like Samsung and Motorola came on board with Google and started customizing its features according to their likings. They met the requirements of Google and just it. Google, on the other hand, encouraged it as it wanted as many phones based on Android as possible. It kept charging a little amount of software license-fee and development was completely free. It meant a lot for manufacturers. They saved a lot of money and passed it to their customers. This helped spread of Android based smartphones like a wildfire.

Cellular service providers such as Verizon and AT&T also loved the idea. They bought the phones in bulk, added a few software the buyers demanded. It allowed manufacturers and the cellular service providers to strike lucrative deals. The good part was that Google did not poke its nose when all of this was happening. It resulted in the untimely death of Palm technologies, which was touted as a promising technology,since Android was completely free.

Even smaller companies in every part of the world took its advantage. In India, players such as Micromax, Lava, Intex benefitted a lot and it helped to usher an android smartphone boom in one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world.

Apple was able to save its skin in the Tsunami as it was catering to the needs of high end segments. Blackberry faced a rough weather. Microsoft’s Windows phone completely lost appeal. And, Android became the undisputed king of the smartphone OS market.

This happened despite it’s a flawed technology. It’s vulnerable and has some serious drawbacks. It’s ruling the market because billions of phone work on the Android technology. Eliminating the dominance of Android smartphones seems difficult as why any CTO would experiment with unknown great technology when the consumers are pretty satisfied with it. Apart from that, Android technology has evolved from 2008 days. It’s useful luxury phone segments and low cost segment at the same time.

The options for Android smartphone users are constantly increasing and it’s win-win situation for all stakeholders in the chain. Google will keep making a huge amount of cash and so Samsung and service providers. Consumers are also smiling. So the dominance will continue.


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