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Will Google Allo Redefine Search?

Google always keeps innovating and this is the main reason of their dominance. In the latest, Google may help you find out the apps you recently installed or any critical text conversation you had with a new app search button. This means Google will provide the ability to search inside the app. If you are on the beta mode, go to Google > Settings > In Apps. There is an option to add a button right to your home screen.

On touching the new launch pad, you are directed to a new Google search bar that starts finding content from your phone. If you want to exclude certain apps or details to be excluded, you can do that after going into settings.

Another news is that Google Now may be going away as you will no longer find it in the Google app’s settings which is used to enable customization for those features. Instead, you’ll see Feed and Screen search.

According to Greenbot, a popular Android news website, “The Feed is just the new name for the stream of cards that appear inside of the Google app. You can still customize the type of updates and reminders you get here.”

The launch of Allo is likely to be a significant for Google’s search capability on your smartphone. Debarnding Google Now is quite recent. It had received a tepid reception among many users. It has actually never caught the attention of users as Google wanted to. This forced Google to think about other options. It is to be noted that Google Now name may be dead, but many of its handy features will remain there.


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