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YouTube Launches Dedicated App for Virtual Reality Videos

Google Daydream has created a hope among companies who does not want to miss the VR bus. We have already seen a slew of VR apps launch because of that. Google YouTube has made its entry in virtual reality and headsets for the new platform will be available from tomorrow.

YouTube VR will allow you to have an inside view of the world’s largest video hosting side. Here you can watch videos of 3D-360 degree even from your YouTube channel. So you can also immerse yourself in the world of 3D Channel content and the standard clips in a theater mode.

Discovery of videos can be done through voice or keyboard. Like the standard YouTube App, you can watch and browse simultaneously. There may be a few bugs since this is an initial launch.

There are a number of games such as Hunters Gate, The Turning Forest, The Guardian VR and Mekorma VR. Now and it seems that another can be added to the list after the YouTube VR app has made its way to Google Play store.

The app is available to download from the Google Play Store or over on APK Mirror. Go check it out if you have a Daydream headset on the way (or in your hands).

As told in the news, the app is now available on the Google Play Store and so you want to start the YouTube VR experience, you can simply start from the link given above. You will need a compatible Daydream-ready smartphone like the Google Pixel for the purpose for a Daydream view.

According to the new PlayStore listing, the YouTube VR app will allow you to experience every YouTube channel, video and creator in virtual reality. You can assume that there will be very little difference between the amount and level of content on YouTube through the VR app. All of this content will be available in the VR context.

The app is part of Daydream which is a new Android-based operating system for high-quality mobile VR. The  software has been designed to be used on smartphone that are created with new mobile OS.

It  is to b noted that YouTube app for VR has been created for the Daydream platform. For example, voice search is a default feature for searching for videos in the app as the phone will be held by Google’s viewer around the head.


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