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ZTE Open with Firefox OS officialy released, Specs And Price

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Today ZTE Open device is supposed to be released in the phone market in Spain. The ZTE Open smartphone will run Firefox Operating System; this system is developed by Mozilla and the users expect this product to be cheaper, but this product is cheaper that we think. The ZTE Open device will be sold with a price around €69, approximately $99 SIM-free. This price is the price from a local carrier network named Telefonica, and for customers who want to buy a ZTE Open device with a contract with  Telefonica, they need to pay €2.38/month, which is a remarkably generous offer.

For readers who aren’t so familiar with the ZTE Open specs, they should know that this device comes with a 3.5-inch display (480 x 320 resolution), it is powered with a 1 GHz Cortex-A5 processor, 125 MB of RAM, and for its internal memory storage it has 512 MB plus a 4 GB MicroSD card to extend its internal storage space, which isn’t so generous.

On the camera part,  the ZTE Open device has a 3.2 MP primary camera and 2G and 3G connectivity capability.

Anyway, the ZTE Open device is considering to be a low-end smartphone and its performances are good value for money.

The main attraction for users who want to buy this device is that the ZTE Open device is running Firefox OS, which want to be a reasonable alternative for Android, considering the price tag.

In fact,  the ZTE Open device can be considered a practical product that brings you a lot of decent specifications at a good price. The devices that are running Firefox OS can offer a smart phone experience, but in the same time are smartphones with few characteristics, and there is absolutely no chance to be a rival for Android devices.

The ZTE Open device is a good phone for people, who are looking for a good product to be used for practical tasks which gives access to the internet, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy an expensive device for doing some usual tasks. That’s the reason the ZTE Open device can be a viable option for numerous smartphone users.

This tiny segment of the market is represented not only of the ZTE Open device, there are other few devices like Vodafone Smart Min, which runs Google’s OS and it can also be considered a budget friendly device. As I As I said before, the low price that the ZTE Open device comes is a strong point for it.

This smartphone is essential for Firefox because if it will have success, it could be an excellent start for many other Firefox OS devices. In this moment, Firefox has more than 20 hardware and operator partners.

Please let us know your opinions about the new ZTE Open device and what do you think about the Mozilla, which will officially enter pn the smartphones business starting today.


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