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BBM for Android APK app now free download

Download BBM APK

Several months ago BlackBerry promised that will release a BlackBerry Messenger application Android and iOS devices, but no words about the release date when it will be released.

This mounts the Canadian company introduced the BBM for Android demo app, but we don’t know exactly when the application will have an official version.

Event thought the official version of BBM isn’t released yet for Android-based devices; the XDA developers have been able to get their hand the BBM app apk file. This apk file will allow all the Android users to download, install and run the BlackBerry Messenger application directly on their Android devices. Unfortunately,the BBM application installed on an Android devices cannot connect to the BlackBerry servers and the Android owners cannot use it yet.

Download BBM (BlackBerry Messenge)for Android APK app

However, for the users who want to download and install the apk file of BBM for Android app the link for download is available above.

Note: the application is useless until BlackBerry  fire up their servers restrictions.



  1. Alyssa Nabila

    September 17, 2013 at 3:20 am

    yes, does not work

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