18 February 2013

How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Ace Internal Memory

Samsung Galaxy Ace

If you’re an owner for Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone, you probably know that, Samsung announced that there won’t be any update for this device with JB or ICS because the hardware has some limitations. But today we will share for you an easy method to increase its internal memory which is only 158 MB that will be necessary if you’ll want to flash new custom ROMs firmware available for Samsung Galaxy Ace device.

This present guide will teach you how you can easily extend the Galaxy Ace internal memory device. This thing is necessary to prepare your device to don’t take memory error messages when you want to flash new custom ROM’s, or other application, which can require more space from your device. This situation can be when your internal memory space left is too low for a new application to be installed and to run normally. Is particularly beneficial to know you can extend your Galaxy Ace internal memory, and you do not need to buy other superior device to use the latest applications or games released on Google Play Store for the new devices.

The memory low level situation can be displayed when you try to flash new custom ROM’s available for your device or if you want to install a custom recovery images.

This method is easy to be applied, and there are no risks related during the increasing internal memory process, no warranty lose for your device, and no root accesses required for apply the present guide. So no risk if you decide to apply it.

Anyway we always recommend doing a backup for the data stored on your smartphone and phone’s SD card you’ll use. All the information and data will be out so make sure you make a backup copy out of the device. For doing that you can use a cloud or a local PC for doing that before you start the procedure.

You’ll use a Windows PC or a Notebook with a memory card reader installed (for the Notebooks or Computers that have included a default SD card reader isn’t necessary a supplementary SD card reader).

I think these are all prerequisites necessary to be followed before you start the procedure to increase the Galaxy Ace Internal Memory.

 How to Increase Galaxy Ace Internal Memory with MiniTool Partition Wizard Software.

  1.  Firstly download on your PC the MiniTool Partition Wizard Software app from here.
  2.  Secondly install the downloaded app on your PC.
  3.  Insert the microSD card into an empty microSD card slot from the card reader.
  4.  Connect the card reader to your PC or your Notebook.
  5. Don’t access the mass storage device and your files stored on the memory card from your smartphone.
  6. Copy and paste all your files stored on the memory card on your PC or back it up.
  7. Open the MiniTool software installed from your PC.
  8. Now, select SD card and after that right click on “option” and after choose “delete”, confirm your delete action for wiping the data from the memory SC card.
  9. Select SD card and right-click and choose “Create new”.
  10. Select FAT32 file type and now allocate the volume of space that you want to allocate it to be used for saving your files or other media files.
  11. Again select the SD card and right-click but now select “Create As: Primary”; and now a new external partition will be created so now you need allocate the required memory; this memory space will be used for save the apps you will download.
  12. Click on “apply” and after that insert the microSD card on your Galaxy Ace Android smartphone. Now your internal memory has been increased.

Congratulations, you successfully learnt how to increase your Samsung Galaxy Ace device. Use our comments section and tell us if this tutorial works for your Galaxy Ace device or if you have issues about this guide let us know and we will try to find the best solutions for you.

  • kat

    does not work. phone says sd card error

  • Anonymus

    This doesn’t works on any phone…. Me and my 3 friends tried it but nothing happened !
    So dont even try it

    PS: We all have Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

  • R&ika

    it does not work for my galaxy Ace S5830 mobile. the error shows SD card damage when i trying to mount it.


      i have also ruined my sd card . this fucker doesnt know what he is doing

  • RAS56

    This doesn’t work. If you choose “create as primary” for both new sections the phone will still work, and you don’t get the SD card damage message, but the internal memory still doesn’t appear to have increased. Using unrooted S5830i.

  • fahad

    i tried doing. this process by mini tool partition wizard but wen after the completion of process wen i insert sd card into phone it says damaged sd card
    plz fix my problm…plz

  • Dmode

    Waste of time. Doesn’t work

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to get data back on your sd card? My card has decided to not work and all my pics are missing! Help

  • john gallagher

    I’ve just tried this and now my sd card is damaged i need to know how to resolve this

  • hope that helps
    • There are the missing pieces

      thank you!

  • prabin

    Hw to change the installation memory internal memory to s/d card memory

  • Zakhir

    Will It Work On Rooted Ace S5830?

  • SN

    The apps which come with the phone take up most of the internal memory and can neither be deleted nor moved to the SD card, whether it is partitioned or not.

  • rick neil

    this asshole who posted it here is corrupting ur phones so all guys stop doing wts written here and report this post and the software
    keep ur phones secured

    • manisha singh

      pissed off :/
      by this samsung galaxy ace :/

  • tdj99

    After reviewing the feedback I well not be trying this method..

  • Rick

    I tried to partition the 3.69 GB SD card into a 1 GB and a 2.69 GB partition so that my internal memory would increase by 1 GB. Unfortunately, the steps that were described did not exactly match what I saw when I went through the process so I was kind of guessing as to what to do.

    The result of my effort was that my SD card memory was reduced to 1GB and the internal memory did not increase at all. I then tried to reverse the process and go back to no partitions. After doing that and mounting the SD card back in the phone, it said my card was corrupted, so I had to reformat it, unmount it and again copy the files that I had saved on my computer back to card. After I mounted it once again, everything seems to be working as it did initially, but I was concerned that something was ruined.

    Maybe the problem is that his step by step process does not match exactly what I see, and he is skipping some instructions that may be obvious to him, but are not obvious to everyone.

  • Me

    “Use our comments section and tell us if this tutorial works for your Galaxy Ace device”
    LOL, thanks for the comments everyone, I definately won’t be trying this!

  • fazi

    its does not work on my mobile 🙁
    wath shoul i do

  • Khairom Munawwar

    You sucks. Boooo~

  • Rast

    Author seems to misunderstand android and linux idea of partitions and storing files. To move extra stuff from internal memory to sdcard, one needs to make EXT3 partition and change mount settings in system, which requires root or even flashing custom android rom. Guys, dont waste time. Cheers.

  • Now i need a new sd card

    This method will damage your sd card,it doesn’t work.can’t say you haven’t been warned

  • jaybee

    dont even try it. waste of time

  • krishna poudel

    i have some problem in my mobile. i made my sd card internal and external but my smart phone only shows external memory, i have 8gb memory card i divide 2 gb on internal and 6 gb on sd card or external but when i insert my sd on my smart phone it shows only 6 gb as sd but it does not increase my internal. in my computer it shows as divide into two parts. how can i solve this problem. please tell me

  • Kimie Laa

    it seems that most people here that try this method have been trolled.. =D so i chose not to try it.. good for me!

  • Jim

    His grammar is HORRIBLE!!!

  • Oliver Player

    I followed the steps mention in a post at this blog


    and I have about 95MB free with more than 60 apps & games installed on my phone.

  • freddo

    tried on galaxy ace. No good. Shame!

  • freddo

    TO THOSE WHO THINK THE SD CARD GETS CORRUPTED BY THIS: Your SD card may not be damaged. My Samsung reported this, (because this system doesn’t seem to work,) But if you use the Mini Tool Partition Wizard again and wipe all the partitions, then reformat, it should be as good as new. Mine was. I think some people may also have omitted part 6 where he says to back up all the stuff from your sd card before proceeding.

  • Hazybird

    Didn’t work for me either. Managed to repartition the SD card but didn’t make a scrap of difference to the internal memory

  • Chitkaran Singh

    Here’s my latest post to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM to a large extent.


    I have posted the screenshot of my phone too for your guys to see that this method works just fine.. do post your valuable feedback guys.

  • Try this solution, it worked on my phone http://goo.gl/Z4aw6n

  • Tohka