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Tips And Tricks To Master Gboard: Google’s Super Smart Android Keyboard

Google Keyboard’s app is found to be really wonderful app that can help people save time with its amazing typing tricks. Let’s take a look these amazing tricks.

It is more than just a typical keyboard. Kudos to Google’s superb search and artificial intelligence services that can help people make the most of their Android phone.

  • To ‘G’ or not to ‘G’

Google search can be performed in a number of ways on Android. Navigate to Settings and you can turn on the “G” button and predictive search. This would make things easy for you with just one touch. With this, enjoy a host of features such as Google Translate, change the theme, switch to one-handed typing mode, voice dictation, or access the settings.

  • Say it in any language

Use Google translate smartly. Tap the arrow or the Google icon and then the translate icon to launch it up. On the left side of the screen, check the language you’re typing in. On the other hand, right side displays the language you’re typing into.

  • Switch to smart search

The amazing G button is found to be really useful in many situations. For instance, in a restaurant, you can perform a Google search and get the menu right away. It keeps memorizing your preferences and helps you get the related elements easier and faster.

  • Get new themes

Gboard boasts of a range of themes that could help you dazzle your phone like nothing else. To personalize it, you can place an image in the background. Choose from a variety of scenic backgrounds to infuse some serenity while you perform other tasks in the background.

  • Glide to type

Gboard takes typing skills to another level with its new-age functionalities. For example, its ability to gesture delete by sliding to the left from the delete key is truly awesome. By using Settings, you can customize the experience by activating or deactivating gesture trail. This feature is pretty hand too, particularly since Android still doesn’t help you zoom in on text like iOS does.

  • One-handed typing

If you’ve a problem in one hand, you can switch to one-handed typing for ease. Just touch the G button followed by one-handed symbol to slide the keyboard over to the side of the screen. Touch the arrow to move it over to the other side of the screen basis what you find easier.

  • Build your own dictionary

Want some kind of help while you try to enter that frequently used email address of phrase? Gboard allows users build a personal dictionary that they can launch with a customized hotkey combination.

This could result into great time saving. Move to Dictionary-> Personal dictionary in the Gboard Settings to set up.

  • Say it instead

Want to say a lot? Use the microphone to say it instead. You can turn on this feature through the voice section and ensure the language selection matches the one you use on a daily basis.


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