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10 Android Apps for Running and Fitness

Undoubtedly, our lifestyle has become more sedentary in the last couple of decades owing to changing job nature causing various types of health related diseases. And most of these health issues can be tackled easily by running. Now technology can also help you to make your running process more informative and fun-filled. There are plenty of dedicated apps such as Endomondo or Strava and also apps created by some of the world famous brands in the sport, such as Nike or Adidas. Choose the one that suits you the best. Whether you are running, jogging or walking around, the following Android apps will help you achieve and monitor your goals.

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It’s one of the best running apps having a lot of features and is also useful for any type of outdoor sport, from cycling to walking. You can monitor the duration, distance, and speed to many other things. You can find out the number of calories you consumed that makes it an ideal choice for serious fitness freaks. The application is free but you can also opt for the premium version and a subscription for a year will cost you USD 29. 99. Premium version offers additional weather information, heart rate, and the ability to set your goals or an ad-free experience.

Strava Running and Cycling

This is one of the best-built apps, thanks to the shades of orange and contrasting chosen colors. Strava is based on social interaction and much of the content focuses on the competition and sharing results with other runners. Of course, it has also usual functions, such as monitoring results, setting goals and participates in challenges.


For many people, it is a highly preferred app. The activity reports of this app are very detailed and you are notified when you reach or exceed a particular target. It can also be connected to a cardio rate meter and additionally, it can give you voice cues to set the pace in the race. If you are interested in sharing your success with friends, it has many social features. The app interface is quite friendly and simple.


If you are a serious runner, this is an app for you. It has a high-quality GPS system and other training options such as a vocal coach who encourages you gives details about routes and can also automatically pauses when you stop running. The integrated music player puts a motivating song when you slow down while running, thus giving you the boost that you need to cross the finish line. Of course, it has all the needed social functionality and syncs with iCloud if you purchase the Pro version.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike, a well-known brand for running equipment, and it have now launched an app to help runners. Nike + Run club uses GPS and accelerometer to monitor your movements, connecting you with other runners. PowerSong is another highly appreciated feature that can give you the necessary boost when your enthusiasm decreases. There is no subscription fee and no Pro version of this app.

Adidas Train & Run

This is an application of another sports brand. Like other related applications, it also uses the GPS and accelerometer to monitor your movements and speed and offers daily training suggestions. A pleasant functionality is the collection of exercises for strength and flexibility that can help you when you are not a big fan of running. This app is also free without subscription fees or Pro versions.

Google Fit

It offers you the opportunity to measure, track, and store information about your fitness activity. While walking, jogging or cycling during the day, your smartphone or Android wear automatically records these activities in Google Fit. Google Fit records speed, pace, route, terrain elevation and more for you to keep your motivation intact and stay on the training program.The app allows you to set goals based on the number of steps, time, distance, and calories burned and more personalized recommendations and instructions for your daily activity goals.


It’s an all-in-one activity tracking app that takes advantage of your smartphone sensors. For runners, the app serves as a pedometer, GPS tracker, and also heart rate monitor, it also works as a social network, where you can share photos with your friends with food and activities. It has a barcode scanner that allows you to track info of an impressive list of food, water, running, sleep, alcohol, body temperature, yoga, weight and so on.


So do believe that running is a drab exercise? Time has come to change your opinion. It’s basically a music app that delivers curated playlists crafted by DJs for runners, it is, however, much more than that. RockMyRun allows you to change the tempo of your music while you run. You can also choose from a wide range of music. Free users can get unlimited access to mixes and playlists up to 45 minutes long. Opting for the premium version allows you to get access to playlists up to four hours long, and a totally ad-free experience.

Couch to 5K

The app is designed to gently motivate couch casual runners and joggers into running 5K courses. You are provided with a training course of 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week over nine weeks, to build up a good runner’s stamina.You can choose from four complete virtual coaches, with accompanying audio cues to help motivate for running.

Hope you must have a good idea about your requirements. We would love if you come up with a new app information. Just put your comments in the comment box.


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