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How to Delete Hangout Message History for an Individual or Group Conversation

Chatting is one of the most popular options to communicate with people on Google Hangout. There would be hardly any who would not love it. Users can save their chat on Google Hangout if wish to see them later. But, there are issues and dangers with that. You will not like some of your digital footprints if you have some sensitive material in a hangout conversation and wish to delete.

In this context, it becomes essential to delete it not just for reputation, but also for the safety. There would be many of you who are a tad confused that how to delete that sensitive content? Let us check it out.

Deleting History for an Individual Conversation

When you find some sensitive material in your conversation, you would like to delete it. Deleted content will not show in your Gmail and from Hangout on your devices. Do not think that other people existing in the group will not be able to see that since it deleted only from your end. They can still see that content since they have not deleted from their side.

How to do it

After deleting the desired content of your conversation, you would not be able to recover that. You have to switch setting to turn “History” on to see your history. Let us check it out the tips require following.

  • Open the Hangout App on your device
  • Tap the desired conversation.
  • You will find MORE at the top right, click that
  • Now Tap DELETE

How to Delete History for a Group Conversation

It is the most frequently asked question among all Hangout users who want to know how to remove the history for a group conversation. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the history. If you wish to delete that history, you have to all set to leave the conversations completely. When you leave the conversation, you can delete your message history.

However, that does not mean other people available in that group would not be able to see that. They can still see your message history since it was removed from your side, not from their side. After leaving the group, you will no longer get any new message notifications.

How to do it

  • Open Hangout app on your device.
  • Open your group conversation.
  • Head to the top right and tap MORE.
  • Then tap LEAVE

How to See the Deleted History

  • Individual conversation: You cannot see the deleted message once you remove them from your individual conversation. When you delete the sensitive content, it removes from your side, not from one other person.
  • Group conversation: In case you wish to see the history, one has to add you to the group. Once you get in, you allow seeing the previous stuff.

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