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Xiaomi Mi5 Review: It Is an Amazing Value For Money

Xiaomi Mi 5 has been launched and it has received great reviews so far. It seems 2016 is going to be one of the best years for Android smartphones. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy, it has also succeeded to meet consumer’s expectations. It has everything from attractive display, fingerprint sensor, powerful battery and LTE modem. However, it does not cost $600, but $260. We have tried to analyse the phone on various parameters.

Look and display

It has a glossy glass back with metal frame giving it a sophisticated look. The 5.15 inch display makes an efficient use of the space. It has bigger screen and a higher resolution than iPhone 6S. The hard glossy ceramic version will be available in the 128 GB Pro version. The glass variant and is harder than steel. With the glass variant, you can choose from white, gold and black colors options.The Xiaomi Mi 5 resolution performs efficiently in everyday task. The colors are of high quality so pictures and videos are enjoyable to see.


It has a Snapdragon 820 processor to power its processing speed.


Xiaomi Mi 5 customer is offered either Chinese ROM variant or multi ROM variant that provides native support to Google apps. Therefore, you should consider different models before finally making choice. However, the software is flawed as you can see that those apps running in background constantly maintain connection with server.Multi-ROM version allows to install new firmware. However, it’s also possible to replace the Chinese firmware with the international one.

It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. With fast software updates, MIUI has the most dynamic user interface.


It offers a fantastic gaming performance, but quite below Samsung Galaxy S7. However, it has a software bug that often annoys you. However, it would be soon fixed as it’s a short-term issue. The internal memory has improved from last version. The flash memory speed is 450 MB/s helps to load any app in a fraction of second.


The camera feature disappoints in the new Xiaomi version. It can only take picture of average quality. But image stabilizer feature is of high quality and it can take great selfies. The stabilizer ensures you don’t end up with blurry images.

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Battery power

The battery power is satisfactory and it may last one full day after being charged completely. It has relatively large sized battery with the maximum capacity of 3,000 mAh.

Early verdict

Xiaomi is a popular brand in China and it always strives to create phones that are value for money. It’s a premium smartphone in a lower cost. It’s a fantastic phone in its price range. It’s sturdy and strong. The Galaxy series 7 Android smartphones are better choices. As of now, S7 scores over Mi5, but once it’s installed with international software and seamless Google integration, things will change. It’s a good value for money. It beats many other good phones with its features and its price point.


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