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Google Is Planning To Move To Swift For Android Development

When the Swift was announced to go open source, representatives of three major companies Google, Facebook and Uber were in London to discuss the new language. Google was in a mood to make Swift as a primary language of Android development shunning Java.

However, it’s not going to shun Java quickly because of its ongoing litigation with Oracle. Google considers Swift as a better programming language from the point of view of Android development.

Another advantage with Swift is that it can adopt this language without changing its open source and it will not need to change its existing mobile structure.

Swift was invented in Apple as a substitute for Objective C and it soon became very popular among developers because it was easy to use. It lacked many clumsy features of other existing programming languages.

It got a major support from IBM and major apps such as Lyft, Pixelmator and Vimeo. It can’t be copy-pasted from any platform.

However, there is a problem that Google would need to create its entire standard library as Swift-ready, and support the language in APIs and SDKs.

It would need to rewrite the some low-level Android APIs of C++.   It can also help in bridging high level API in Java. Some time ago Romain Goyet applied with Swift for Android development. So it is very much possible to shift to Swift, albeit with some difficulty.


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