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How To Transfer Files Files From Old Samsung Smartphone To New Samsung Galaxy S7

You have purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7, so you are excited. Your excitement is not misplaced either as it’s a great Android smartphone. However, you don’t know how to transfer data from your old smartphone to new one. Here is how you can do this:

There is a feature in Samsung Galaxy S7 called Samsung Smart Switch for mobiles. You can transfer the data from one mobile to another Samsung Galaxy S7.

You can do this: Launch the mobile version of the app by tapping into Settings >Backup and Reset>Open Smart Switch in your old and new smartphone.

You can download the app from Samsung Play Store if you don’t have this app. However, the app is not supported on other devices.

How to transfer data wirelessly from old Samsung phone to Samsung Galaxy S7

• On your previous Samsung smartphone, launch the Samsung Smart Switch app and keep the two smartphone closer to each other
• Open the apps screen and tap Settings > Back up and Reset > Open Smart Switch on your device
• Choose the previous device type from the list and click Start.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer the data

How to transfer data with the help of USB connection

This is quite easier to do. You just need to connect your older device to new device with the USB connector.

• Just insert the USB Connector to multipurpose jack
• Now connect your USB cable to older device and other end to USB connector as shown in picture
• Wait for App selection pop up window to appear, tap Smart Switch > Start

USB Connector

However, never ever try to disconnect the cable when file transfer is taking place. It may cause data loss and can cause damage to your device. Also make sure that your phones are fully charged as the process consumes a lot of battery.


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