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Samsung Launches Optional “Good Lock” UI for Galaxy S7

Since its inception, Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface has gone through many changes and most of these changes have been well received by its users. It is a less bloated and simple design. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great example of TouchWiz design. But Samsung was not that much satisfied about it. So it has released an optional “advanced” UI which has been designed for premium phones.

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Advanced Good Lock UI has been officially announced for premium segment Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, all Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5.  The app was available through Galaxy Apps store for the S7 and S7 Edge, however, it’s only now it has been officially released.  It reflects the seriousness of its lock screen replacement.

So what is good lock? It replaces the standard lock screen and adds a whole new range of functionalities such as quick access widgets. It has also the ability to keep certain notifications visible to a notifications shade .

The Good Lock can be downloaded from Galaxy Apps in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Korea and Singapore.  The latest version of the Good Lock feature has many new advanced settings menu. It provides the ability to customize the Quick Settings toggles in the notifications shade.

Here are some other changes:

  • New swipe gesture to delete has been added
  • Problems related to SD card resolved
  • Location Prompt infinitely feature removed
  • Blur effect for notification panel deleted to improve performance
  • Charging recognition feature added
  • Home button bug and loud capture sound bug fixed
  • Fixed FC during using Routine
  • Added Brightness bar in first depth in Quick Panel

Good Lock version 24.0.6 weighs in at 18.71 MB and can be found in the Galaxy Apps store or the Play Store.

If described in a few words, Good Lock interface is mainly related by changing the phone locking interface. It has a more comprehensive lock screen having additional customization option. It also provides users group notification into folders. The use of application extends to other areas of the user interface such as recent apps menu.

So with all of the changes, Samsung Good Lock adds few new features to TouchWiz UI. However, it seems that these changes are being done in a more haphazard manner.  So if you are user who want to use the new  Good Lock user interface, must go to Samsung App store and have  a test drive first.


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