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4 Android Apps You Should Not Miss

Android is a platform for millions of apps which covers each and every type of your choice. From entertainment to finance, it has all— and sometimes you may be a little bit confused while choosing them. Here we are listing some newly released apps which are worth downloading and will definitely enhance your usability.


It is a simple but little platformer. Specially, its features and are soft and vibrant and its theme is full of graphics, images, animations along with a lot of destruction—which is difficult to digest. The main character in the game is a gigantic whale. It is based on the premise that alien robots are invading earth and human technology is not able to defend and only you can help. You play as a gigantic whale and destroy things.

Ookujira is a fun game, and it’s a great to play in short bursts. The bright colors and clean lines lend themselves well to the quick style of gameplay. It provides one-touch control, different play modes, and few different themes. A simple yet entertaining game surely worth downloading.


It is an automation app allows you to perform multiple actions and successfully challenging the domination of IFTTT. Through this app, you can create multiple actions for your phone to perform. For example, your posts can be automatically updated on your wall on the Facebook page. You can also control other things with the internet like Philips Hue lightbulbs, smart garage door system, and other devices enabled with automation technology. Good thing is, it is a free app but it runs on a beta platform and that is why there be bugs in it so, be ready for that also.

The Little Fox

Another game you should not miss. It’s is a running game with some unique ideas. Unlike other running games it gives you the hexagon field for play and that is why you have some extra direction to play.

This game has great graphics, a cute fox character to play, some obstacle to staying away with and a wide range of play areas to choose from. The USP of this game is its soundtrack with multiple options to play in the background. It is also free to download but there some complaints from users about bugs here and there and there are obstructive Ads. Otherwise, it is a good gaming experience and runs efficiently on most of the phones.

Toontastic 3D

It is an animation app that allows you to draw cartoons and videos as well. It offers a wide range of pre-created small things from which you can select and start create content by dropping them. It also enables you to narrate cartoons with the help of various story modes, you can also design your own 3D cartoons. After creating your content you can export it and share the same with anybody you want to share with. Since there is a new app it has bugs but developers are working on it. However, you will be happy to know that it‘s completely free.


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