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4 Best Music Player Apps for Android

Smartphones have replaced many devices like camera, watch, calendar etc and the music player is also one of them and many kinds of music streaming apps are available on Android platform. Many users are streaming their music content on music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music etc. However, these apps won’t work if you have your own music collection. Hence, we are listing some the best available apps if these music streaming services are not useful to you.

1. Black Player Music Player: – It’s simplicity that makes it more unique and that is why it is simple to use and puts less friction between you and your music. Its UI works on the tab structure that can be customized according to the requirement. You can remove the tabs which you don’t find useful. It also offers a variety of options like equalizer, widget, scrobbling, ID3 tag editor, a variety of themes and above all it is ad free. It supports most of the files commonly used. It comes in paid and free version, paid version costs $2.00 and has some more features but the free version is also providing sufficient features.

2. Google play music: – This is a multipurpose app that provides both streaming services and also works as a standalone music player. It can read all your music files and play them as a music player. It also provides you online space to upload 50,000 songs and stream them.

You also have the option to purchase a subscription through which you will get access to all content available on Google play music. In short, it is the perfect mixture of music player and streaming service if you want both of them.

3. jetAudio Music Player: – This app is available in two versions free and paid which cost $2.99. It is one of the most favorite apps among users due to its wide range of features and is simple to use at the same time. Audio enhancement is one of the major plus points which allows you to modify your music experience. Apart from this, you have an equalizer, simple effects like bass boost, tag editor and even a MIDI playback.

The free version is very much similar to the paid version apart from additional themes and ad will be removed.

4. Media Monkey: – This app costs $3.99 and its free version is also available. Although, this app is not very popular but has lots of features. Some of the unique features include organizational features for various thing like audiobook, podcasts, equalizer and its ability to sort music files by various values like a composer.

One feature which is only of its kind in Media Monkey is the ability to sync your music library from your computer to your phone over Wi-Fi network. Although, it’s set up is a little bit complex but its uniqueness and usability overlap this shortcoming.

UI and interface of Media Monkey are very simple and it’s out of the box features makes it a complete package for users.


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