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4 Essential Apps For Tinkerers Moving To Android

Congrats for getting your first Android device and it’s time you should get ready for a whole new world. Explore a range of apps on Play Store. However, it’s important to note that not all of them are best. Let’s have a look at some of the best apps that you must download directly without any delay.


  • AirDroid


For those looking to get something like IMessage on iPhone, this app is truly a great option. The app performs really well and allows users message their friends between their phone and computer. This was until Allo recently got a web client that Android uses weren’t feeling easy to interact with text messages using PC.

The AirDroid app makes it easy for users to use their computer to respond to text messages and notifications. The app also lets users transfer all kinds of files between your mobile device and your computer, so there won’t be any need to upload everything directly to Google Drive or use a USB cable in order to move files between devices.s


  • Google Fit


Are you a fitness freak and want to lower your calorie intake and better weight loss management? If yes, Google Fit is the most sought after app in this regard. Though your smartphone might not be as precise as a fitness band, it can help you a lot in maintaining your fitness regime. Google Fit can be plugged in to various third-party hardware andget access to your fitness activity and goals wherever. This syncs across devices through your Google account, so you’ll be able to track your fitness activity wherever you are. Just make sure you open the app and enable location data when you download it, since you won’t be tracking any data until you do.


  • Google Opinion Rewards


For those who don’t download Google Opinion Rewards, the loss is primarily monetary. The app has been in the market for many years, and performs by putting you questions about regions you’ve been and things you’ve done to procure data about people’s lives. General questions would be whether you visited a particular shop on any given day and what kind of payment method you used. Sometime the app will ask more specific questions, but that will generally lead you to a bit more Google Play credit. Working on this app is full of fun and easy and you would love answering the questions.




IFTTT stands for “If this then that”, and harvests the ease of modules to cause events when specific actions are performed on your phone. Want your phone to disable Wi-Fi when you leave the house? IFTTT can do the same with a lot of ease. Automatically send a text when you’re going for work? Use IFTT for the job. A large number of people choose to post their Instagram photos on Twitter, and it works pretty awesome every time. There are hundreds of pre-made modules included right into the app, so download it and enjoy the power of automation.


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