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Can You Speed Up a Smartphone Or It’s All Lies?

Smartphone technology is fast upgrading and new features are being added every day. There is unrelenting competition among manufacturers to add something new in every release. However, there is also a trade off as more features also means you will have to compromise with the speed of the phone, which is not acceptable for many people. What is a smartphone user to do?

Like any other gadget such as laptop or PC, you can find a lot of advice to enhance the performance of smartphones. But do they work as claimed? Let’s try our hands.

Close Apps for a Faster Phone

You have downloaded many apps in your phone. But do you close them after using? While pressing the button you will find an unending list of open apps. Common wisdom is that more open apps, the slower are the device. But does that apply to mobile phones? That does not apply to mobile phones. Both Android and iOS has endless list of recent apps, and pull up the list and you will find a list apps that you have opened at some point. You may believe removing those apps will boost the performance, you’re your phone actually slows down.

Don’t Install Speed-Booster Apps

Snake oil salesmen used a hoax to sell their products, though this is now a thing of the past but people still use the same concept. They take advantage of the complexities to manipulate the truth.  You only have to glance at the app listing for some RAM Boosters to see that they are crammed full of technobabble.

Your smartphones are designed and developed in such a way that they can manage memory. Therefore you don’t require additional app. Instead of boosting their speed they will only make your app slower, apart from causing addition security risks.

Free Up Storage

Due to putting a lot of apps, managing them on the home screen makes it a nightmare. Uninstalling apps would not only make your phone less cluttered. Apart from that, videos, music and images too make the life difficult, but we blame only apps. All of this consumes internal storage.

In case your internal storage is filled, it can slow down the functionalities of your phone giving a sluggish experience to your phone. This can be easily handled by freeing some space such as deleting unwanted apps, and removing some videos and images. You will find a remarkable improvement in your phone. If they are so important, you can put them on cloud. This is the simplest method to boost the performance.

Reboot Your Phone

That is another very good method of boosting speed. It’s a tried and tested method and works all the time. Memory leak is the main reason for slowdown in the speed.  Due to wrong allocation of memory, an app can cause the phone to slow to a crawl. Hope this would have helped eliminate many doubts regarding smartphone speed and also offer some useful and simple tips. We will wait for your feedback.


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