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5 Ultimate WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android

WhatsApp messenger has gained enormous popularity in a very short time span. Presently, it’s one of the most popular messaging apps. This is because of its unparalleled service and security it provides to users. Today, we are listing some tips and tricks for Android to make your WhatsApp experience joyful.

# 1 How can I listen to WhatsApp messages discreetly?

Voice messages automatically download whenever received and played through speakers. This may create unwanted noise and additionally, anybody nearby can listen to your messages. You can get rid of this by simply holding the phone to your ear like you do in a normal phone call. The proximity sensor of your Android phone will switch the speaker automatically.

# 2 How do I mark a favorite WhatsApp message?

If you are a social person and use the WhatsApp a lot, you will be receiving a lot of messages out of which some messages may be important and may want to leave them easily accessible at any point of time. WhatsApp gives you the option to mark a message as favorite. Open conversations and long press the message you want to set as a favorite, then, tap on the star icon in the menu at the top of the screen. When you want to read the message you bookmarked, open main window and tap on three dots on the top left corner and tap on Starred Messages.

# 3 How do I send a file to a contact on WhatsApp?

In its recent update, WhatsApp enabled its users to share document files in addition to photos, contacts, location and audio files. Open the main window and tap on the Paperclip icon and choose Document from available options. Afterward, you can select your file from your phone’s memory and can send.

# 4 How do I send my location or a contact number via WhatsApp?

If somebody is coming to your place and finds it difficult to find your location, here is an option through which you can send your current location through WhatsApp and rest Navigation will do. Here is how to use:

Open chat window of your contact. Tap on Paperclip icon and select Location and select your location from the drop-down list and your location will be shared with your contact. Now your contact can reach to the location by clicking on the message which redirects to navigation app.

To share contact through WhatsApp, just follows the same procedure as above mentioned, except you need to tap on Contact instead of Location.

# 5 How can I disable automatic loading of multimedia files on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp a lot then select manually which file to download instead of downloading all files automatically. If you choose to select download all files automatically it consumes a lot of data even for unnecessary files. Manual mode allows you to reduce data usage and restrict automatic downloading of unnecessary files. However, you also have the option to automatically download content with Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Go to Settings and then tap Data Usage. You can choose from the available options like automatic downloading, over Wi-Fi or mobile network. If you don’t want to download anything, just disable all options.

Please note that voice messages will always be downloaded automatically as it is default option and can not be changed.


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