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Google Pixel XL Vs. iPhone 7 Plus: Assessment on the basis of three Crucial parameters

Have you ever thought of making a comparison between two popular smartphone devices – Google Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus? This is surely going to be extremely exciting as both the player’s boast of their impeccable perfection in the domain. In this article, one such comparison is presented on the basis of three primary metrics.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not a detailed review of both the phones covering all their features. For that, you would have to wait a bit. Let’s start with comparing two leading smartphones in the world.

Intelligent Personal Assistant: Google Personal Assistant Vs. Siri

The first thing is that Google Pixel is the first Android device that uses Google Assistant. But Siri is not weaker either. In general, Pixel XL is found to be more intuitive and responsive to the questions presented. For instance, when it was asked what a widely held area in the opera Carmen is, Google gave a crisp, informative answer (about Habanera). On the other hand, Siri just presented a cluster of search results. Overall, it can be said, Google seems smarter as compared to Siri by providing answers closer to your expectations.

However, in the case of direct questions, both gave similar answers. For example, their answers were almost same when the question was “How much rain Los Angeles witnessed in 2016?”.

UX (User Experience)

In this arena, one must need to admit that iPhone leads the way. This is because iOS provides a stable platform for all the apps you would ever need. However, there is no big difference between Pixel XL and iOS in terms of app compatibility. In fact, Pixel XL stays very much close to iOS in terms of user experience.

But there is one aspect where iPhone delivers better by enabling stability, tightness, and penetration of apps stretched to supplementary devices such as the Apple Watch.


If you’ve used both the devices for capturing photos, you could find it difficult to highlight the differences. However, many renowned photographers have rated Google Pixel better than iPhone. The credit goes to Pixel XL’s brilliant HDR+ mode, the image detail, and fast/accurate AF, among other things. Overall, both the phones are leaders in their own space.

If you decide to go by expert reviews, Pixel XL would be a sagacious choice. However, many folks downgrade Pixel XL due to the absence of dual lens and optical zoom feature of the iPhone 7 Plus. It is completely up to you, which way you decide to go.


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