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5 Amazing Tips And Tricks From Nova Android Launcher App

Undoubtedly Nova Launcher is the most popular Android launcher due to its features galore. It provides a variety of ways to customize your app. Having a lot of options will save precious time and can amaze your spectators. We have presented a list of top five tips and tricks from Nova Android Launcher app.

  1. Hidden folders

It’s a great way to store your apps without littering your home screen. It allows your home screen to hide the app folder which appears only when you choose your icons. On swiping up, it opens the folder and shows the full range of related apps.  You can use this to launch your music app or any other app of your choice.

In order to set this up, drag and drop related apps into a folder.  Now long-press the folder and choose Edit. Now you can press on the icon to select a different icon, you can also change the name of the folder. You can also make your folders transparent by opening Nova Settings, going to Folders > Background > sliding transparency to 100 percent.

  1. Swipe actions on apps

This is another way to make use of the swipe actions to open apps related to other apps. To open the Gallery app, you will need to swipe camera icon.  If you want to set this up, just long press on an icon, choose Edit and press on the Swipe action option.

  1. Double tap to lock

It is one of the most useful but overlooked option. You can use this for your advantage. Just go to Nova Settings > press Gestures & Inputs > double tap and choose Screen lock. The device will be locked.

  1. Smooth scrolling

Have you ever tried to put the same widget on different launcher screens and use the Nova Launcher’s wipe scroll effect, it provides a pleasing way to move between different screens while widget remain at their places. To do this, open up Nova Settings > Go to Desktop > Scroll effect and select Wipe.

  1. Add app drawer tabs

App drawer is one stop shop for all your apps, you can make it a more discrete home style arrangement. With Nova Launcher, you can add extra tabs and can swipe left and right to scroll through. You can also name your tabs by the category of your choice and fill them with related apps.

How you can do this. Open Nova Settings > go to App & widget drawer. Enable the tab bar > head to drawer groups. You can add additional tabs by pressing the plus sign present in the top-right corner.

These are some of the most important tips and tricks from Nova Launcher. There are many other options and choices it offers, we will keep writing about these options on Android Source, keep visiting our website. Hope you will enjoy the tips given above. Don’t forget to give your comments.


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