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500,000 New Samsung Note 7 Arrived In The USA

Samsung has announced that 500,000 new safe Note 7 phones have already arrived in the US and they are ready to be exchanged. They have new software to make the battery icon green. Google has also approved them. New phones are now hitting carriers and retailers across the country and are available to be swapped. So Samsung is not double-minded about recalling self-combustible phones which gave the company bad name recently.

It is to be noted that shortly after the launch of the phone in mid August, there were reports about Note 7 exploding and causing damage that forced the company to launch an official recall program for the company. The process of recalling in different countries has been different and that has confused their customers completely. However, US consumers would be certainly happy with the arrival of 500,000 new Note 7.

It is understandable that past week would have been quite hectic for the Korean mobile manufacturer . It had told users to return the phone and wait until the new lot of phones arrive in the market. But, things have not been smooth.  According to a popular website Android Authority, “Though Samsung claimed that Note7 users would get the Galaxy J as a loaner phone, users have complained that in reality, carriers often did not have loaner devices ready in stock or were simply unaware of the program.”

To add to the confusion, both  FedEx and UPS refused to ship Samsung phones due to safety concerns. The decision also makes sense as if user forgot to power off a single unit, it may cause a potential fire hazard.  That means users will have to walk to carrier store and turn it in themselves, but a large number of users simply refused to do the same until new units are available.

Now when 500,000 new phones have arrived and distributed across US, users can go to their nearest store to check whether new stock has arrived in the store. But not all stores will have new phones as Samsung had to replace 1 million phones, but just 500,000 have arrived to be replaced.

Now several carriers in Canada and US have started pushing the september security patch to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and Samsung Pay has cloud syncing ability when you switch to new phone.


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