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5 Android Apps That You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

As we always present you some of the fabulous information about new android apps, we’re again with our weekly list of apps. With summers approaching, it’s time to get indulge into some gaming apps that are sure to entice you like nothing else. A great number of android users look for the best gaming apps that can take them in a new world. So, let’s check out them right here.

1. Octave

It’s typically a new horror-adventure game. Based on point-and-click methodology, you need to solve various puzzles and move through the storyline. You will find yourself at the wrong place at wrong time and you need to survive. Some scary environments, dark themes are there to give you an adrenaline rush. The game is quite easy to play and features 2D graphics. The good part is that it is cheap and comes with no in-app purchases.

2. Bard

Bard is a fun-loaded app that allows users to cut up videos. You can choose from a list of videos. You’ll then find the script word by word. Now you need to pick the words that you want and the app cuts the video to make the video say those things. It is really enjoying as there is no limit on words. For those who don’t want a complex app, this is the best as you can download it, play it, and uninstall it after few weeks.

3. Link twin

This is yet another popular puzzle game that is extremely popular among people. There is a set of twins in the game and you need to move them along with different objects placed around to reach the goal. There are more than 100 levels, ten mechanics, and five scenarios to explore through. The game comes at a price of $1.99 and doesn’t feature any in-app purchases.


NBA VR is referred as a daydream only app meant for basketball game lovers. Though you can’t watch live games, you can choose to watch highlights, interviews and other relevant content in an impressive way. It also provides users a lounge area where they can chill out while you watch all these things go down. It is free to download and worth investing your time. It’s a must-have app for NBA fans with google daydream.

5. Island delta

This is the latest game from noodlecake studios. The game is actually a third party action performer. You’ll move around, shoot objects, and solve puzzles, combat bad guys in a limited space of nine yards. It is like a well-defined story that is comprised of 30 levels, secret areas, bonus points, and much more. The game setting seems pretty much attractive and it performs well on most of the latest devices. You need to pay once and it comes with no in-app purchases.


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