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5 New Productivity Apps Based on Classic Productivity Principles

In today’s competitive landscape, productivity is crucial to success. Over a period of time, your goals evolve and that might not be compatible with your existing apps. To cater to them, you need to get new productivity tools. There are high chances that you might get the right app for your distinctive application.

Let’s have a look at the new-age productivity apps that help you better manage your time, skills and efforts. Let’s begin.

  • Zask (Web): Make a To-Do List and Track Time for Each Task

One of the fundamentals of productivity and time management is to determine the amount of time you take on a task. Zask is the most appropriate product for the same. The best thing is that you can use it even without signing up, however signing up would help you a lot. In addition, you would be able to create multiple lists that can be enabled any time.

Once you prepare your to-do list, click the “Play” button on any job to start a timer. When you’re done with it, click “Pause” or tick the task as complete to stop the clock.

  • ToDo Tab (Chrome): Task List in New Tab With Auto-Labelling

It is purely a task-based app. Forget about tempting design and layout. Once you run it in chrome, you will get your to-do list only.

ToDo Tab comes with a smart feature that make it stand out – its productivity-focused new tab extensions. It automatically marks common activities in different colours. Each of the labels is a verb, following the productivity principle that you should list each task by starting with a verb. Presently, ToDo Tab auto-colours the following labels: send, mail, reply, post, call, meeting, discuss, brainstorm, buy, get, book, order, work, personal, write, draft, and publish.

  • Lyster (Android, iOS, Web): Snooze Tasks to Prioritize To-Do List

An app like Lysterhelps you prioritize your tasks. On the app, keep a check on the small lock icon next to a task. Click or tap it to launch a quick “snooze for later” menu. In another tap, you can put that task off for future, and create an automatic reminder for it. The in-built options include later today, tomorrow, tomorrow evening, this weekend, next week, and in a month.

  • (Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS): Gmail + Tasks + Calendar

The app reminds you of Sortd for Gmail using a similar Trello-like setting. The emails top the list, scheduled tasks next, and lastly your calendar. Moreover, you can build more projects and set up different panes. It’s a smart tool to drag-and-drop items as required.

You can try with free version and check its features before jumping directly to paid version.

  • To Round (Android, iOS): Visualize Tasks as Bubbles of Different Sizes

To Round is the app that lets you prioritize your tasks based on their importance. It converts all your tasks into bubbles. While creating a new item in the list, you can define its importance. This reflects in the size of the bubble. Moreover, you can define the category and bubble would wear a suitable colour.


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