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7 Cool Android Nougat Features You’re Probably Not Using

Google used to come up with a generic Android version, relying on OEMs like Samsung and LG to bring in all the other cool features people might look for. The truth is that Google has compelled OEMs to make more enriched Android experience for users. This could lead to some great features inside your phone that you don’t even aware of. Let’s look at them below.

  • Split-screen Chrome

Android 7.0’s split-screen app features are not new, but there’s one app that embeds a great and useful feature that isn’t so popular: The Chrome browser allows users run two different tabs on the screen at one time.

To use this, run Chrome and make sure that you’ve opened two tabs. Long-press your Android overview button to enable split-screen mode. Now tap the overflow menu button in Chrome, and choose “Move to other window”.The opened tab will move over to the other side of the split. To exit, drag the divider to one side.

  • Clear All Apps In Multitasking

In case of OEMs, Clear All button is quite visible. However, with Google’s version of Android, you can find a Clear All option at the top of your stack of apps. Just scroll to the top, and press the button to clear all apps. Prominently, this does not clear background tasks—it only ends user-facing activity.

  • Third-Party Quick Settings

Almost all phones with Android 7.0 have a customizable quick settings panel. Do you know that you can even use third-party quick settings tiles on any device? To explore, open the quick settings and tap the edit button.

Any apps you’ve installed that feature their own quick settings tiles will be displayed here. You can long-press and drag to add or remove apps.

  • App Install Source

In Nougat version, users can get to know the source of the app – from Google Play or a side loaded APK

To find such info, open your system settings and choose “Apps.” Select any app in the list and scroll down to the bottom of the info screen. It will show either “App installed from Package Installer,” or “App installed from Google Play Store.” In case of apps installed through Play Store, tap the embedded link to go right to the app’s listing in the Play Store. The package installer link for side loaded apps won’t work.

  • Quick App Switching

To switch between apps, just double-tap the overview button and you’ll be moved to the last app. Do it again, and you’ll be back to the app you just left. This generally works on all Android devices running Nougat or higher.

  • App Shortcuts

Though Android 7.0 Nougat features app shortcuts, older versions don’t have the same. However, for those with older devices, there is an option to use this. Just long-press menu up, and tap on the list of shortcuts to open the app to the corresponding screen or action.

  • Pin Apps To Share Menu

The Android share menu allows users push links and files from one app to another. However, in case of a lot of apps, the list of apps and actions in the menu can get rather awkward. There’s a feature in Nougat that could be of help: If you’re frequently using the same few apps in the share menu, long-press on them in the menu. You get a popup that offers to link the app info settings or pin the app.


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