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5 OxygenOS Features That Make OnePlus Phones Stand Out

OnePlus One

Though it has been just 4 years OnePlus was launched, it has become a remarkable brand in the market. Started with an aim to deliver unparalleled smartphone experience, the company leaves no stone unturned to stick to that promise.

A big thanks to its OxygenOS, the customized version of Android that makes impossible possible.It looks and performs similar to stock Android, which runs on Google’s Pixel phones, but there are some interesting add-onsthat make it better that the rest. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Customizable Soft Keys

Being a user-centric brand, OnePlus allows its users customize the behaviour of their devices. It means users can customise Home, Back, and Recents buttons under the display. The users can also disable capacitive keys entirely and use software keys like on the Google Pixel phone.

Each capacitive key can either be long-pressed or double-tapped to perform an action or launch an app. To make the changes, head over to Settings > Buttons on a OnePlus phone.

  • Gaming Do Not Disturb

This is an amazing feature not only for gamers but also for general users who want to focus on arunning app. You can activate it by going to Settings > Advanced > Gaming Do Not Disturb. This mode averts any app notifications from coming up, but permits calls and alarms to perform as usual.

You can either enable this mode on manually by including the “Gaming Do Not Disturb” toggle in the Notification shortcuts panel. Even better, you can preset games for which Gaming DND will turn on automatically. Other than games, we can think this mode could mean useful while watching long videos too.

  • OnePlus Shelf

The OnePlus Shelf presents an iOS-like widgets feel to Android. Permissible by swiping rightward on the home screen, the Shelf features a couple of worthy features.

With weather featuring on top, users can use a scratchpad for preparing memos and attaching reminders to the same. In addition, you can add your typical Android widgets that can be accessed by scrolling down vertically.

  • App Locker

Though every OnePlus phone supports Android’s usual multi-user and guest mode, there are situations when people may wish only a few of apps safeguarded. App Locker is accessible via Settings > Security and Fingerprint > App Locker. Using this, users can choose which apps you want to put under dual authentication.

When it comes to open that app, users need to verify using their fingerprint or password before the launch. This is great if the device is being used by many people.

  • Reading Mode

A plethora of phones nowadays come with Night Mode (called Night Shift in iOS), which turns the display yellowish at night. This actually reduces the eye strain caused by blue light released by the screen. From the OnePlus 5 onwards, there’s a specific Reading Mode too that performsthe same task a bit differently.


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