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5 Ways to Manage the Storage Space of Your Amazon Fire Tablet

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Amazon Fire Tablets are integrated with a storage space of 8GB to 16GB. It may not be enough for most users who wish to do a lot of things on them. The latest version of tablet, however, supports an additional storage space of 256 GB in the form of microSD slot. Though this may sound attractive, the Fire OS5 unfortunately, doesn’t support an expanded storage. If you’ve been looking for ways to manage the storage space of your Amazon Fire Tablet, then we delve deeper on some of the ways that you’ll need to work through. Let’s take a look:

  1. Check the Storage: To start with, check the storage of the device. In most cases, apps and games consume a lot of the device’s storage space. It is, in fact, also quite common to see few gigabytes consumed up the useless.
  2. Delete Unnecessary Apps or Games:  If you wish to delete a single game, simply tap the icon on the home screen for a prolonged period and then uninstall. On the other hand, to delete games in a bulk, go to the Settings and then tap the Games and Apps. These will then be sorted as per their names. To remove any game or app, tap the entry and use the Uninstall button. However, ensure that you take note of how much storage space is being used by the game. This will give you a clear idea on how much storage space needs to be freed up.
  3. Check the Caches: You also need to take a look at the caches of the games and apps you want to keep. It often happens that games retain a certain amount of space on your tablet storage. This may also occur when the games are installed to the micro SD card. After each data clearance, you must know that you may be potentially losing some of the game files and game updates. Before clearing, browse one game at a time to understand which are leaving huge storage space on your tablet. Also, after each Clearance, consider the Data on Device value. This should ideally drop and the storage space of your device increase.
  4. Move Data to Amazon Cloud: If you regularly create content on Amazon Fire such as videos, photos or make use of art software, this could contribute to low storage space. To stop this problem, make sure that all your data is synced to Amazon cloud. This will help you to delete the data locally without losing them permanently.
  5. Connect Your PC: Another option is to connect your PC to the Amazon Fire tablet. You can browse the content by making use of the desktop file manager.

So, by now you must have discovered ways to increase space within the limited storage of Amazon Fire tablet. Possibly, you had video games that took up an excessive amount of space or hidden video recordings. So, follow the above-stated tips and arrange the space of your Amazon Fire Tablet.


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