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OnePlus 5 Review: Truly, This is the Best Android Right Now

Oneplus one 5

Are you looking to buy a new Android phone? If yes, you can ponder upon the latest OnePlus 5.

The fabulous OnePlus 5 is truly the best Android device available in the market and it is also the cheapest high-end phone. Starting at $479, it’s a bit costly than previous versions of the OnePlus line but still knowingly cheaper than its nearby competitors, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 ($574), HTC U11 ($649), and Google Pixel ($649).

In terms of performance, this phone is just awesome.


  • Color: Space Grey
  • Price: $479 for 6GB/64GB or $579 for 8GB/128GB at time of writing
  • Dimensions: 154.2mm x 74.1mm x 7.25mm (6.07in x 2.92in x 0.29in)
  • Weight: 153g (5.4oz)
  • Processor: Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM: 6GB or 8GB
  • Storage: 64GB or 128GB
  • Screen: 5.5? 1080p AMOLED display
  • Cameras: 16MP and 20MP rear-facing cameras, and a 16MP front-facing camera
  • Speakers: Quad speakers, two on the top and two on the bottom
  • Battery: 3,300mAh battery, charged using USB Type-C and Dash Charging
  • Operating System: OxygenOS, based on Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Extras: Fingerprint scanner, LED notification light, physical silent/ring toggle, headphone jack, NFC


From design perspective, OnePlus 5 is incredibly stunning. Its matte aluminum body is elegant and sleek. The edges are curved so that it fits firmly in your hand. It features a fingerprint scanner built into the home button (not on the back like so many other Android phones). The screen is big and bright and colorful.

Its fingerprint scanner is quick and flanked by two capacitive keys. There’s an option to have them backlit in the settings, but they’re just tiny dim dots.


The software of OnePlus 5 is not much different from stock Android. Popularly known as OxygenOS, it is pretty much smooth to work on.

Though you can replace your launcher, the OnePlus Launcher is what’s available by default here. It’s a basic, yet relatively customizable launcher with a fluid swipe-up motion to bring up the app drawer.

If you swipe over to the left, you’ll find the “Shelf”, which is essentially a place to put widgets and other shortcuts.


With the latest and advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the OnePlus 5 is amazingly quick. Not only that, it either has 6GB or 8GB of RAM depending on which model you get. That’s great overstatement for a phone, but it also future-proofs the device thoroughly.


Featuring a 3,300mAh battery, the OnePlus 5 gets better-than-average battery life, but it’s not unmatched. With simple usage you can manage for two days, but with medium-to-heavy usage, you’ll probably just make it one day.

Is OnePlus 5 the best choice?

Of course! This is the Android phone that can really take on the iPhone 7. It’s just as fine, if not better, than all the other premium devices out there — and it’s a best deal grabber. You won’t find better value than the OnePlus 5.

However, if you can manage without a water-resistant phone, OnePlus 5 is indeed the best bet.


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