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5 Tips And Tricks To Make Waze Your Best Co-Pilot

Do you love driving? Yes!Then how can you miss out the Waze, the most sought after driving app today? The amazing app finds the best route for your trip basis the current road conditions, distance to be covered and other crucial details. The role of community is paramount in making the Waze successful. Let’s see how can you make the most out of this app and say yes to a hassle-free and enjoyable driving pleasure.

  1. Pick the Best Route Forward

In general, Waze app strives to present you the best route possible with the shortest travel time basis various factors such as traffic, road, roadworks etc. This also means that sometimes the journey time suggested could be longer however you cover it in shorter time. Luckily, one can choose from several route options given by the app.  Though many are not aware of this, this feature is extremely useful.

To make it work, while entering a destination, don’t just accept the primary suggested route. Tap on Routes and browse through the alternative routes. There are chances that you may find a better route.

  1. Voice Changes

This is really amazing as the Waze app allows its users to change the voice with various funny options (Settings > Sound & voice > Voice directions). Even you can record your own voice or of a friend to get a personalized driving experience. Go to Setting-> Sound & Voice -> Record my voice. It could also be a fabulous way to enhance your language skills.

  1. Avert Over Speeding Penalty

If you love fast driving, this feature could be a great way to avoid being penalized for over speeding. So, you can choose to keep your driving license secure by using Waze app. One can easily check the speed of his or her vehicle and set the alarm in case of exceeding the speed limit. There is an option to enable audio buzzer for different speed exceeding intervals at 5%, 10%, 15%… or 5 km/h, 10 km/h, 15 km/h.

Go to Settings-> Speedometer-> When to show alert

  1. Coordinate Your Calendar

Waze is a great driving app for professionals on the road and individuals who make the regular use of app to maintain their vehicles properly. If the address of your next appointment is mentioned in your calendar, Waze can easily fetch this information and provide you with the best available route, so that you don’t come across the need to re-describe the address in the app.

  1. Synchronize Contacts

In the same manner, one can choose to synchronize the contacts with the Waze app. Just by reading your friend’s name, you can find the route to his or her home. Go to Settings > Account & Login, and then tap Phone number. Enter your phone number and the validation code sent to you via text message.

After this, tap the Friends icon in the lower right corner and tap Allow access to contacts.

Isn’t it a great way to make your travelling amazing?! Waze will certainly amaze you.


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