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6 Best Android Emulators On PC

Android emulators on PC are an important PC as developers would surely want to test their application on PC before shipping it out to ensure quality. Gamers would like to test their experience on keypad and mouse. Android emulation on PC is a good option for them. The process is also easy but requires some technical knowledge.
If you’re looking for emulators, we have an extensive list for you.

[Price: Free]

It is one of the newer options and has been fast gaining popularity. It creates a virtual machine to create an Android instance on PC. After a lot of tweaks and customizations it has become very sleek and effective. It runs smoothly and quickly and scores well on gaming benchmarks. It supports 98% games and apps and has an extremely vibrant development team.

[Price: $10-15]

AMIDuOS is also a new and effective Android emulator on PC. It comes in two flavors: Lollipop and Jelly Bean. The difference between these two versions is in price. Jelly Bean comes in $10 and Lollipop comes in $15. It runs quite well and apps related to productivity and gaming can be tested effectively. However, it does not give device specific configuration, but on consumer level it’s a great option.


[Price: Free]

And is an entirely free emulator. We tested it and it proved itself as a capable replacement for apps like Bluestacks and it works well on entire gamut of apps, launchers and games. You can even install root access if required. The good news is that it has fixed most of the bugs and works quite well.


[Price: Free / $2/month]

Bluestacks has been the most popular among Android developers who wanted to test it on PC. It lagged recently because of update happening to their platform. As a result, it has come up as a very efficient, faster and stable Android emulator on PC. It offers many functionalities such as screen sharing and setting a location. The price is also at an highly affordable level which is $2/month for premium subscription.

It is an interesting choice for an Android emulator on PC. It has very similar features like Andy. It has add-on feature on your computer so that you install on your smartphone. However, it may improve a bit in terms of stability and speed.


[Price: Free with paid options]

This Android emulator is more useful for apps or games on a variety of devices. You can run it with Nexus One or a Nexus 6 with Android 6.0. It completely depends on your choice. However, it is not a great app for consumer usage such as checking email or using apps.


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