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YouTube To Open Up YouTube Creator Store In London

YouTube is planning to open YouTube Creator Store in the Kings’s Cross districts which will be centered around YouTube stars along with some space for fans as well. It will more like a community shop where people can come and hang out for a while.

YouTube star merchandise will be the biggest attraction of the shop. Google has tied up with the biggest names in YouTube to create a wide range of merchandise ranging from T-shirs, mugs, photo frames to other things. It will also have signed books of YouTube stars which will further allow them to monetize.
Darlington Howard, a YouTube senior programme strategist at Google, told that all profits from the store will go to the creators.

The creator store will be more like a Starbucks style barista café where stars and fans can both meet together. This will be a haven of creativity. It will also have some high-end studios and equipments for YouTube lovers which they can access easily. The shop will be opened by next month.

Ben McOwen, director EMEA at YouTube, said: “The huge breadth of talent creating content on YouTube in the UK speaks to a hugely vibrant and dynamic creative community.”
The YouTube community in London is very strong and it’s a very matured community that’s why YouTube has decided to open a store in London.

he store would provide another option to earn more for YouTube creators as the profit will be completely passed to those creating the merchandise.
It’s currently unknown when the Creator Store will open, but if you’re a hardened YouTube fan or content creator, then watch this space.


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