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6 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2017

Launcher apps have always been an intrinsic part of the Android system. If you want to change the way your home screen looks or behaves, just download a launcher app and change it. There is no doubt that these launcher apps carry great features than any other application and there is a lot you can do with them. Let’s check out some of the most amazing Android launcher apps for this year.

# 1 Action Launcher 3

This launcher app has remained a hot favorite among our readers and it truly deserves to be there. Featuring a stock Android look, it boasts of several features that are worthy checking. Some of them include Quicktheme which makes the use of your background to control the themes, Covers for a unique approach to folders, Quickpage gives a hidden home screen you can get just anywhere, and lots more. Moreover, it is exceptionally stable and functional in all aspects.

# 2 Apex Launcher

Apex launcher has been in the market for quite some time and is considered as one of the most appealing Android launcher apps in the segment. Similar to Action Launcher, it strives to deliver a stock Android look along with additional features. In addition, its amazing capability to modify things such as transition animations, scrolling practices is truly captivating. The package also entails a theme engine that lets you choose from various themes with icon pack support.

# 3 Arrow Launcher

This launcher app got mixed reviews when it was initially released but today it has become a great app for many. The simple concept of this app is that you can customize your home screen by putting apps and other stuff right there. You can browse through a great range of pre-set home screens that are meant to feature stuff like frequent contacts, reminders, recent documents, and your regularly used apps.

# 4 Atom Launcher

It’s basically a new Android launch app and seems to be on the right track so far. It has an inbuilt theme creator and a wide range of themes sourced from Google Play. Moreover, it has gesture controls, a hidden dock with additional settings, integral widgets, icon pack support and many other settings and customizations. It is light on your device and works pretty well. Try it for free and shell out some amount for paid version.

# 5 Evie Launcher

Launched in 2016, Evie Launcher is a robust, lightweight Android launcher app that gives a new dimension to the setting. For example, you can slide up its Pixel Launcher-style-app from the bottom of the screen. It comes with icon pack support, a “no-dock” mode, and many other things such as an option to change the grid size of the home screen.

# 6 Hola Launcher

It’s an amazing Android launcher app that you’d fall in love with. Loaded with gesture controls, double-tap app drawer, a quick launch swipe, it is truly great to work on this. With it, you can easily hide your apps from your app drawer. It has loads of icons and themes that you can choose from. There are smart folders, a built-in weather app, and other stuff that is worthy checking.


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