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7 Amazing Features of Android Nougat That You Probably Don’t Know

Smartphone lovers all over the world are excited about by Android Nougat and this is because of its amazing user experience. Android Nougat 7.0 is about to be rolled out on Nexus and after some time it will be launched in other phones as well. The new OS is much more advanced than earlier versions. There are some changes such as bundled notifications which are obvious to notice. Some other changes, however, are less noticeable. For example, new multitasking shortcut. Keep reading this article to know about such less hyped changes.

# 1 Daydreams become screen savers

Google is fast repurposing Daydream for its VR platform. A new name was required for its previous Daydream feature. The new name is Screen Saver. It works in the same way as they always have been.

# 2 Quicker multi-tasking

Do you want to switch between recently used apps, just double tap the recent app button? For example, suppose you are in Gmail and want to move to Chrome, it allows you to open Chrome, find and copy a link, now double tap the recent apps button, you are now on Gmail again. So easy, is not it?

#3 Use two apps at same time

Samsung was first to provide the basic idea of this feature. Their users were using two apps in the split screen mode. Google is taking this experience to a new level with your Android device. In order to activate this feature, long long-press on the recent apps button.

The app you are currently using goes to the top of the screen, and you will have a choice of choosing one of the apps will be shown at the bottom. You can select the other app from this list. You can also drag the divider to resize the app windows, or to maximize either of the active apps.

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# 4 View two Chrome tabs

Apple was trying to do it for long when it introduced split-screen tab viewing in Safari for iPad users, Google was able to do it at the same time by introducing multi-window to Android. Tap on the Menu button and select they super handy option of “Move to another window.” Apple users will certainly be envious of you.

# 5 Drag and drop text and images in multi-window mode

It is possible to drag and drop text between two windows. Just highlight the text, then long press on it until the text begins to float. Drag it to a text field in another window, and leave it. You can do the same with images as well. Seems unbelievable!

# 6  A new wallpaper for your lock screen

It is now possible to set wallpaper specific to your home screen, and a different wallpaper for your lock screen. This was tough to do, but Google has achieved this feat for Android Nougat 7.0.

# 7 Where did that APK come from?

It will be possible to keep track of the source of all apps installed on your device. Just go to Settings, then Apps, and now tap on any listed application. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see its source.


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