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How to Increase the Battery Power of Your Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 has been one of the most successful smartphones of 2016 because of its out- of-the- box features, it is the also the latest flagship phone of the Samsung. Like other high-end phones, it is equipped with a massive 3600 mAh battery which can last up to the whole day after charged fully once. However, if you use your phone a lot and find your Samsung Galaxy S7 coming short at the day end, we are providing some tips that can increase your battery life considerably.

  1. Charging and usage habits

Your usage habit may be the culprit.  It is very basic, but an important thing which can enhance the capacity of the battery significantly. Small things can make a big difference.

  1. You should need to know using multiple apps, especially, the apps which need internet connectivity, consume battery very fast. So, prefer using these types of apps when the battery is fully charged.
  2. Choose a power source with proper power supply. Other sources like a computer or any other device will slow the charging speed and thus reduce the performance of the battery.
  3. Though you can use your smartphone while charging, but your smartphone will take more time to charge completely.

It is also important to check that your smartphone is not overheating while charging, the device is charging properly or not, whether the multipurpose jack is wet or not.

  1. Fast Charging

It is a built-in feature in your Samsung Galaxy S7 that allows your phone to charge quickly when the screen is turned off. This feature charges battery fast by increasing charging power. Although, you also need to have a charger supports of Adaptive fast charging or Quick Charging 2.0. It has also a built-in sensor that can reduce charging speed if the device is overheated or the ambient air temperature rises.

To activate fast charging feature in your smartphone, open app drawer > Go to Settings > Tap on Battery > tap on Fast cable charging. Take a note that this feature cannot be used when you use a normal charger to charge your smartphone. It also has a smart sensor that reduces the charging speed automatically when device heated up or ambient air temperature rises.

  1. Wireless charging

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 has a built-in wireless charging feature which charges your smartphone faster than ordinary charging. However, the wireless charger needs to purchase separately. It also has a fast charging option which should be supported by the suitable charger. While using the fast charging mode with wireless charger, there may be unusual noise because of a fan inside the charger. You can reduce the noise by deactivating the fast charging mode. To deactivate go to Settings > Battery > tap on Fast wireless charging to deactivate. The Fast wireless charging button will be added when you place your device on the charger.

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How to use and some other tips

Charging the battery

  1. Place your smartphone on the center of the charger with the back of the device towards charger and disconnect the device when fully charged.
  2. Your device will not work properly when there is any foreign particle between your smartphone and charger.
  3. Your smartphone may not receive proper signals if you use the wireless charger in areas with weak network signals.
  4. Using substandard quality charges may result in improper charging and it can also damage the battery.
  1. Power Saving Mode

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 provides you power saving mode, through which you can extend battery life. It stops apps and processes running in the background and reduces power consumption. To activate Power saving mode open app drawer and go to Settings > Tap on Battery > tap on Power saving mode to activate. Power saving mode can be activated automatically by tapping on Start power saving and select an option.

  1. Ultra power saving mode

This mode can be very useful when the battery level is very low. In this mode most functions stop working, display of our phone turns gray: most of the apps stop working: data connection automatically deactivates when screen turns off: and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi feature to stop functioning.

To activate Ultra power saving mode, open Apps > tap on Settings > Battery> Ultra power saving mode and tap on it activate it.


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