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How To Reduce The Battery Drainage In Samsung Galaxy S6

Battery drain is a major shortcoming in Android smartphones which dissipates the fun out of the great smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S6. Though, you can’t increase the battery power but you can certainly reduce the battery consumption rate if you follow certain tips given below:

Use Sleep Mode When Necessary

Using sleep mode can help you save necessary battery power. Always remaining in the active mode drains the battery fast. If you are sure that you are not going to touch your phone for some time such as when you are sleeping or attending a meeting, it’s better to put your phone in sleep mode. It can help save significant amount of battery energy from your phone and it will start running for a long time.

Activate Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode limits the performance of apps to conserve power. Here is how you can do it. Go Apps on the Home Screen >Settings>General tab > Go to Power Saving Mode. You can turn slider off to off the power saving mode. It limits the CPU performance, screen output and turns off GPS in order to conserve power.

You can save even more power by activating Ultra Power Saving Mode in the Samsung Galaxy S6. The process is same as the above except that you choose Ultra Power Saving Mode in the last step. It saves battery power by changing the color of the screen to grayscale,restricts the application usage to certain limited applications,

Close Unnecessary Apps

The number of active apps has a direct importance on the battery drain. Therefore, you should wisely think about which of the apps are necessary for you and you can choose to delete the not-so-useful apps or make them inactive. To do this follow the steps given below.

Go to Home Screen > scroll through running apps > tap X or Close All > tap OK

Deactivate The Bluetooth Feature When Not In Use

You should deactivate the Blutooth if you are not using it. Many times we forgot to turn it off after the task is complete which consumes a lot of power.

Deactivate The Wi-Fi Feature When Not In Use

Often we have a tendency to leave the Wi-Fi feature turned on which also consumes battery. Make it a habit to turn them off when you are not surfing internet.

Disable Auto Sync

You should disable the Auto Sync option. Here is how you can disable the Auto Sync in Galaxy S6.

Go To Settings > Accounts > Choose More > Turn Off Auto Sync

Decrease The Backlight Time

Many users don’t know but decreasing the backlight option can decrease the battery drainage in your phone. In previous versions of Samsung Galaxy there was feature to control this, but this is missing in the S6 version. Here is how you can decrease the backlight time in your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Download an application from Google Play Store Galaxy Button Light. The app also provides and option to completely switch off the backlight option.

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These tips will certainly help you get better output from your Samsung Galaxy S6 battery.


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