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How To Use The Quick Settings In Android Nougat

Android is unarguably the most popular mobile operating system among users and it is primarily known for coming up with new and exciting features frequently. And this time it has come with Android Nougat, the latest in the Android series. And the most amazing thing about this version is its Quick Settings menu option. If used in an appropriate way, this would surely make it a lot easier for you to use your phone.

On the top, it seems like a wonderful option to do more with your existing apps such as add toggles or shortcuts for improved functionality, and that’s definitely true. But a more exciting way to use this feature is with an app that was intentionally created to allow you to design your own custom Quick Settings toggles.The first and foremost, it now has quick access bar along with several new modifications such as:

Improved Customization

In the latest Android Nougat, when you swipe down using one finger, you will get five settings that can be accessed
in just one tap. From here, you can turn on/off Wi-Fi, turn on the flashlight, or do various other functions very easily.
• Touch the arrow on the right to access to full drop-down menu.
• However, if you want to access the entire quick setting at once, you need to swipe down with two fingers.
• Swipe just once from right to left to check other panels that are on the next section. Watch the dots on the bottom to determine which page you’re on.

Drag and Drop

This is where you can give a personalized touch to your device.
• Tap the edit button and you can choose to drag the tiles into and out of their positions in the menu curtain. Touch and hold the icon you want to move and then drag it into the new position.
• If you wish to make the most out of your quick settings bar, there are certain things you need to focus on.

For instance, look at the top five sports of your quick settings bar. The first three in the top row and the center and left tile in the second row. These are the most frequently used spots on the menu. Therefore, place your highly used options right at these options for ease of use.

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After customizing this part, it is necessary to know how each of the commands works differently. One touch is meant to carry out a particular action, such as toggling Wi-Fi on/off or switching on the flashlight. A long press navigates you into the full settings menu for a closer look. You can see the difference here between a tap on the LTE panel (left) and a long press (right).

It is important to understand what these commands actually do as this will help you make the most of the quick settings with an ease. This would also help you determine where to place various items when it comes to customize the settings.


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