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Samsung Advises All Note7 Owners To Power Down Their Phones

The controversy and Samsung has become synonymous with each other. The latest nightmare of Samsung has started with company’s official statement on new batteries. It has told all of its Note 7 users to turn it off till company completes its investigation. There were reports that Note 7 device battery are exploding. This announcement has come after all major US carriers have decided to stop the sale of Samsung phones, though carriers are still accepting the phone for the purpose of refund and replacement.

The CPSC has nodded with Samsung’s warning, “While we continue our active investigation into reports of phones overheating and burning in multiple states, consumers should power down and stop using all Galaxy Note 7s,” CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye said in a statement. ”

“No one should have to be concerned their phone will endanger them, their family or their property,” Kaye said in a statement.

Now the Samsung is working with US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to find out the reason for a new spate of battery fires. If this persists, the company may be left with a total recall and complete cancellation of the Note 7.

Though, company has tried to explain the faulty lithium-ion batteries overheating which is causing to ignite the device after overheating, but the latest advice by Samsung contradicts its own official explanation.

The problem of the company has confounded even more after replacement batteries are reported to be catching fire. Samsung hasn’t said why the replaced phones are too hot to handle. The step has been taken as a precautionary measure to stop further damage.

If the company starts selling the phone, it will be difficult for consumers to trust and it will be a serious blow to Samsung’s reputation, the current advice will only leave consumers in a bitter taste. Analysts and tech experts are also of the view that this will be a big setback for South Korean tech giant that is locked in fierce  competition with Apple and HTC.


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