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Youtube V11.39 Auto-Fills Replies With The Names Of Parent Commenter

YouTube has launched a new update and with this is the version number up to 11.39 which is not a great one considering the enormity of a channel like YouTube. In this update, a few bugs have been fixed  such as replies to comments have auto filled.

The change is not a complicated one but its quite simple. You just need to go any video and tap on to reply. The latest update automatically fills the update with the name of parent commenter. This is now similar to users reply on Twitter so you are aware of which comment you are replying to.

This is what has been updated in this released, but not many people are actually aware of this update. It is possible to have some other minor change in this update and you should keep looking for some new updates.

The pace of updates in YouTube has been slow compared to other channels such as Facebook, so it is trying to compensate for this. Not long ago in September it launched YouTube Go  that offers a range of features to make it easier for users to watch videos on slow networks.

How To download this APK

This APK is signed by Google and the cryptographic signature makes it clear that the file is safe to download . Instead of  waiting for Google to push this download to your devices and install it  just like any other APK.

Let’s download it from APK Mirror:


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