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7 Android Apps You Must Download Instantly

If you’ve Android smartphone, it adds no value to your life if it doesn’t have necessary and productive apps. In today’s time, millions of apps available on Google Play Store that can be downloaded to make your life easy. Below is the list of 7 most popular Android apps that you must download instantly.

  1. Facebook

Getting social has become much easier now with several social networking mobile apps and Facebook is best among them. It is free and available across all platforms. Please note that the Facebook messenger app for chatting is now a standalone app so you will need to download it separately. Let’s connect with your family and friends over Facebook like never before.

  1. Twitter

With this app, you can check what’s happening around the world. From breaking news and sports, entertainment and politics, to big events and daily interests. It has hundreds of millions of daily users and many rely on it to get the latest news and trends.

  1. Inbox by Gmail

Emailing has become an inherent part of everyone’s life today. What if you access your mails instantly on your Android device? Check out the Gmail app by Google which contains striking features that would allow you quickly manage your inbox. Now assign mails to a certain group for easy accessibility with Inbox by Gmail.

  1. LastPass

Security is an important element of everything you do online. There must be no laxity in this regard. LastPass is typically a password manager which allows people generate unique, complex passwords for each site or app that requires one. When you decide to log in, the app would enter correct information for the designated apps. It has recently included a new feature which allows you safely give your passwords to a trusted person in case of your death.

  1. SwiftKey Keyboard

Typing is always the most boring task on smartphones. Despite having typing assistant, it is always tiresome to type a long message on small screens. Now with SwiftKey, this is no longer boring as you can simply drag your thumb or finger from letter to letter on screen to create words. This way, you can easily send message to your family and friends. It is one of the best keyboard apps available today in the Android market.

  1. Lookout

This apps acts as your one-stop shop for all your security needs. It provides data backup, theft protection, device tracking as well as remote wipe and lock. The Android version of the app contains built-in antivirus for safeguard against malware. In paid version, you will get advanced features such as automatic backup, privacy advisor and theft alerts.

  1. Evernote

If you find yourself difficult in keeping records, Evernote is one Android app that you should download instantly. You can easily create notes (text, audio, video, to-do list) and sync them across various devices. For better privacy and other advanced features, you can switch to paid version of Evernote.


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