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7 Android Apps That You Must Have In Your Phone

Having a smartphone is a prerequisite nowadays and this way you can do lots of activities much easier and faster. In fact, these smartphones have made people’s lives tremendously easy in many aspects. Whether it is to book a quick flight or tickets for a new blockbuster, things are just few taps away. And it is the magic of apps that give these smartphones their true smartness. Do you know there are more than 1 million apps on Android? There are Android fitness apps, productive apps, entertainment apps and lots more you can think of. And it is quite difficult to have all of them. Below are seven most popular apps that must be inside your phone’s disk.


This smartphone app is one of the most effective tools for today’s digital people. It has multi-tasking capabilities such as list keeping, note capturing, voice recording, to-do tasks, and many more. Evernote must be a part of your smartphone. You will always love using it in your own way to make your life easy. From managing long lists of clients to taking quick snaps, doing things was never so easy.

Pocket Casts

It is a powerful podcast manager which is fully loaded and easy to use. It has superb features and great options in a user-friendly interface and lets you sync your listening experience across multiple devices. Using this app on your Android device, you can browse your favorite podcasts, or by importing an OPML file if you’re transferring from another podcast catcher and player app.

PicsArt Photo Studio

Do you love editing images? Why don’t try it on your smartphone with PicsArt app? Show your friends your new avatar using this fabulous app for your android device. There are various powerful tools in this app that would help you do a lot with an image as compared to any other image editing software. Try it now.

Google Drive

Forget about storage worried with this cloud storage app by Google. Keep your images, videos, documents, and other important files safe and easily accessible from anywhere with Google Drive. You will get 15 GB free cloud space. With Google Drive, you can stay rest assured about the safety and availability of your data anytime, anywhere. In a short period of time, this app has become a must have app for millions of android smartphones.


If you’re crazy about your cartoon heroes, this app must be in your smartphone. Now no need to drive down to a distant comic store as you can browse through a lot of comics right on your screen. This is an app from digital comics and provides an endless lists of titles to users. They can also access new series by making the payment. It is an easy to use and fully featured android app.

Weather Timeline

It is an essential android app but it is a paid app. But you just need to pay $0.99 and you can access the best weather app available today. Its interface is, extremely easy, presented in a timeline. That makes it easy to navigate through hourly and extended forecasts. If you need further information, Weather Timeline facilitates data related to precipitation, humidity, wind, and more. You’ll also find “time machine” feature that allows users check probable weather in the more distant future based on past patterns.


Though there are many photo management apps for android platform, but none of them can beat the magic of Focus. This app shows your images in their folder locations similar to most gallery apps, but it also has a unique tagging system that makes it a lot easier to locate important pics. It is completely free but you can explore more options by paying $2.99.


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