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Android Nougat Tips & Tricks

There are many salient features of Android Nougat that make it special. In addition, its easy availability on all leading smartphone makes it a good choice. Just by using a Nexus 6P, one can upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. However, if you wish to make the most out it, you can take a look at the following tips & tricks that would also enhance your system security.

For Faster Results

In smartphones, background apps tend to eat up resources. To avoid this, go to developer settings and stop the unnecessary services from running. To resume background services, reboot your app or smartphone.

Faster Access Setting

Nougat is known to have improved settings menu. The main menu is in the left margin and you can get it whenever you want. You can navigate horizontally quickly on the top level.

Let Google know you understand English and German, or any other second language

If you’ve excellent command over a second language, you can definitely make of it on Nougat. Go to “Talk”, and you can add the second language. Google search results are generally shown in two languages. If you run websites in that language, Chrome will not give an option to translate it for you. The button to disable languages is hidden but can be located on the top right of the screen.

Improve your battery performance

Apps can be delinked from the Internet when not in use and may use the processor for extended intervals. This result into improved battery performance but it also contain some side effects. For example, some third-party apps, such as Messenger or Navigation apps will no longer be able to forward you notifications. However, you can disable battery optimization under battery settings.

Organize Quick-Start tiles for improved efficiency

With Android Nougat, you have the option to arrange the Quick-Start symbols in such a way that would ensure better productivity. There is no miracle doing this. However, you can pull the quick settings down from the top using two fingers to perform the same.

Get alerts sound less

Now you can mute notifications from different apps.

The setting is pretty simple. You just need to press and hold a notification and pick the option for notifications without sound. Under the settings, you can filter apps by their corresponding configuration under ‘Notifications’ and modify these as per your preferences.

Enable File Encryption for Faster Boot and Enhanced Security

Go to developer settings, and you’ll get your encryption file. Though it doesn’t seem like much, it carries a number of positive inferences. One of the most valuable ones is that only your user data gets encrypted. You won’t need to enter your unlock pattern or PIN during the starting process. Therefore, if your smartphone unintentionally restarts, at least your alarm clock will keep functioning and you won’t oversleep. Regrettably, a full wipe is needed in order to migrate from full disk encryption to file encryption.

Consume less data

With Android Nougat, you can save data smartly. Use its amazing Data Saver feature that’s tucked away in the menu and lower down your data usage while you’re disconnected from a Wi-Fi connection.


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