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Great Tips and Tricks For Samsung Galaxy A5 And Galaxy A3

This year again, Samsung has launched new models of its Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 smartphones. The real objective behind this is to exhibit brand’s enhanced focus on targeting mid-level market as the phones feature a great collection of useful characteristics. Just like any other smartphone, devices contain some hidden features that are worth taking a look. Let’s get to know more about them.

Enable/disable the Game Launcher and Game Tools

If you’re addicted to games, you could easily understand the value of ‘Game Launcher’ and ‘Game Tools.’ Using them, one can easily deactivate notifications during gaming sessions. Now you can enable/disable the same with just a tap.

Go to Settings, search for ‘Advanced features’ and move to Games menu. Choose the option you want.

Easy photo capture

In most of the smartphones, one just needs to use the volume button to capture the photo. Now Samsung has tried something new considering everyone’s personal preferences by adding a virtual button anywhere you want. Just tap the virtual button and the image will be captured.

To enable this, go to the Camera app and navigate to Settings. Scroll down the menu and you’ll get Floating Camera button. Activate it and your button will appear in the Camera app.

Personalize your interface

TouchWiz may not be appealing to a great number of people due to its completely opposite look than Android. With Samsung’s new devices, you can easily choose from a range of various themes. Though it won’t make much difference, it would make your phone look attractive during various usage. You can also download wallpapers and icon packages.

Use a secure file

Although you claim that there is nothing to conceal on your smartphone, a hidden file feature is always a great tool for most of the people. This comes in Samsung’s new devices. You can just use the Samsung code to use it. Open applications, enter the Samsung applications file and open Secure File. Now use it the way you want.

Get reminder notifications

Notifications are an inherent part of Android smartphones. From WhatsApp to Messages, your phone reminds you of all important things no matter wherever you’re. Samsung has thought of everything and brought reminder notifications: when you forget to read a notification, you’ll get a reminder.

Move to Access settings and choose the Notification reminder menu. You’ll also get a number of other great options there, such as the screen magnifying glass.

Enable the Easy mode

Though it is always appealing to get a customizable welcome screen, some prefer it to go easy way by relying on a ‘simple layout’ and larger ‘font size.’ Now you can activate this mode in your Samsung phone using Settings menu. Please note that icons and fonts on the welcome screen will be bigger.

To enable this, go to Settings and select the Easy Mode option to activate it.


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